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Blakely Gray – 11 Months Old

Our sweet baby girl is growing too fast! She’s such a little goofball. I’m really starting to day dream about getting our nails painted together, braiding her hair, etc. So much fun ahead! But also, so sad how quickly this year has gone.

She just recently got her 7th tooth. Poor girl has been teething HARD the past week or so. Breaks my heart to see her so uncomfortable. Tooth and I have been starting to give her a larger variety of foods. She loooooves to eat! Ryder was never that interested and still goes through phases of eating a lot of his favorite foods and then eating like a bird for a few weeks. But not Blakes! She sucks down her baby food pouches fast! She also loves the yogurt drops. So does Ryder who is constantly asking for “baby food” and sneaks them from her chair when I’m not looking.

Blake is loving all foods! We recently gave her spaghetti at dinner (I tend to let her get most messy at dinner time so I can just throw her in the bath after that meal!) and she was a BIG fan. If she didn’t have food in her mouth and hands she was screaming for more. LOL I love her. A girl after my own heart. 😉 She’s also into bananas and sausage!

She loves books! She flips them all around and turns the pages. So cute. She also loves to climb up into Ryder’s soft mini chair and is so proud of herself when she gets up in it! When she’s sleepy, she rests her adorable little head on my shoulder and MELTS ME.

Ryder is still struggling with sharing. He has good days and bad days. She just loves him and wants everything he is playing with. Poor guy is always so worried about his toys being taken from him. So, we’re working on it. 🙂

Blakes continues to HATE getting changed and screams while you change her! She loves to be busy and is crawling allll over the place. She doesn’t seem to be close to walking, but gets around just fine. Blake loves to sneak over to Lincoln’s bowl when we aren’t looking and play in his water bowl and eat his food! YUCK! We’ve tried moving the bowls and hiding it, but she finds it and eats it! LOL Yuck.

We are planning a fun little birthday party for her and I’m really looking forward to it (but extremely emotional about it, too!). My sweet little girl! We love her so much. She brings a new level of joy to our lives and she is such a cute, fun little baby. She’s always in a good mood and willing to smile at anyone who comes her way.

We love you baby Blakes. More than you’ll ever know! Love, Mommy

This girl is constantly on the move and it’s nearly impossible to get her picture these days!

Blake: Bow // Dress

Stef: Shirt Dress HERE + HERE // Stella and Dot Bracelet

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