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Blakely Gray – 2 months

This little cutie has stolen all of our hearts over here. Lincoln is very protective. He likes to be very near her and barks at any little noise! Annoying LOL but cute. He always sits right next to her when she’s in her swing and it prevents the swing from swinging ha! Such a good guard dog 😉 If she ever cries and I’m not right by her, he comes over to me all concerned like “are you gonna go get her, mom?!”. Ryder is also concerned about her when she’s upset. Always trying to rock her in her rocker chair and giving her the binki.

Somehow she keeps getting cuter and those cheeks keep getting chubbier. I just love it! She’s starting to smile back at us and it just makes my heart so happy! She’s still a great little eater and sleeper. Giving me at least 6 hours at night. Now if only I could also be sleeping during those hours!! She does great in her bassinet next to our bed and loves being hummed to. Her hair is getting longer and I can tuck it behind her little ears now which is SO cute! 🙂 Her lashes are getting longer and her eyes are still changing. Sometimes they look gray and other times dark blue or green. She’s already grown out of some of her 3 month old pj’s, reminding me that she’s growing too fast! She’s pretty chill and loves to cuddle – which I am really enjoying. Whenever I put her in any type of carrier on my chest, she’s so calm and cozy and falls right to sleep. I love it!

At night after Ryder goes to bed I just lay with her on the couch and stare at her. Watching her breathe and make cute little faces in her sleep. Just the sweetest! Sometimes I’m so overwhelmed with love for her I worry I’m gonna squeeze her too tight and hurt her! LOL At her 2 month appointment she weighted in at 11 pounds, 3 ounces and was almost 23 inches long! She loves her binki (just like Ryder did – does!) and brings our family so much joy!

We love you baby girl!!!


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