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Blakely Gray – 3 Months Old

Blakely is three months today and so much fun! I have been having such a blast dressing up my bitty baby doll. She’s a lot more interactive now and is so smiley! I LOVE it! Melts my heart every time I walk into the room to see her smiling face. She’s starting to get harder to take places because she needs her naps in peace and quiet. Ryder was the same way and I tried very hard to pay attention to his schedule and need for rest. We were almost always home for his naps (trying to avoid naps in the stroller and car). He was a very good napper and such a great baby! I swear it was just because he was so well rested. We just started putting Blake in her crib for naps this week. Makes her seem like such a big girl! She is still sleeping in a bassinet in my room throughout the nights because she still eats 1-2 times in the middle of the night. And I’m simply tooooo lazy to get up out of bed that many times to go feed her in her room. LOL I also love snuggling with her after she eats while we lay in bed. This is something I never did with Ryder. I never figured out how to nurse while laying down with him and so we had very few moments of snuggling/napping together in my bed. So I’m LOVING snuggling my cutie this time. Sometimes it feels like this is the only time I get to be alone with her and just stare at her. The rest of the day feels like complete chaos. Ryder is still adjusting and very demanding these days. Ha! “Pretzels! Mommy, MILK! Watch Minions!!! Mommy!! Hold you! Fruit snacks!!!!!!!!!!” LOL – but it’s not funny.

Blakely loves to snuggle. I almost always have a soft blanket or stuffed animal by her. She loves it. Sucks on it, grips it, cuddles it. Sometimes when she’s having a hard time falling asleep I will rub the soft blankey on her little cheeks and it puts her right to sleep. She loves it! And I think it’s adorable. I was always SO afraid to give Ryder blankets and to this day he hates blankets. Dang it! He wants nothing to do with a blanket covering him. Opposite me!

Blakers eyes are constantly changing. Sometimes looking gray-green and other times looking dark blue and even dark brown. Her hair… I love that hair! Is so cute and I just rub my cheek across it every day because it feels so soft and ohhhhh my gosh. I just love it. She has the sweetest little hands and toes. I love them and chew on them. LOL Those bitty fingers. Melt me! She’s starting to really watch Ryder and smile at him. Even though he’s paying NO attention to her. Ha! If one starts to cry really hard, the other one also cries. Which is a disaster and so overwhelming! OMG

We just love her so much and she’s such a great baby. She has her moments where she’s upset, tired, etc. But for the most part, she is so easy and lovey. We adore her! Sometimes when she’s really upset, the only thing that will soothe her is watching TV! Ha! Don’t judge. She has to be held in a specific position to look over my shoulder and watch TV. It’s so funny! She loves it. And then will usually fall asleep within 10 minutes of screen time.

We love her SOOOO much and can’t believe she’s already three months old. Tim and I will spend the rest of our lives making sure she knows how loved she is. Being her parents is the best gift we could receive. (Her and our boys!) Happy 3 months, Blake! Stay little.


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