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Blakely Gray – 6 Months

I CAN NOT BELIEVE MY BABY IS SIX MONTHS OLD!!! (Insert sobbing emoji here.) But seriously, it goes SO fast. Even faster than Ryder, which is crazy. She is getting to be such a big girl. Rolling over like crazy, laughing, smiling, growing. Her little hands look so big to me. She is long, like her bro and as chunky as ever. And I LOVE IT!

She is a happy baby and loves watching her brother play. He’s very entertaining! Sometimes when he’s throwing massive tantrums and screaming his guts out, she laughs at him. Which is SOOO funny to me. She’s a great sleeper and sleeps through the night like a champ. She has 3 naps a day and loves her cozy crib. She puts herself to sleep easily and is so happy when she wakes up. She’s starting to get good hand-eye coordination and can put her binki in her mouth all by herself. She’s very interested in Lincoln’s tennis balls and I swear will be crawling soon just so she can get to those dang tennis balls! LOL

She has the most adorbale, gummy smile and her soft baby skin melts me. I just submerge my face into her neck and inhale her delishousness. I love baby wearing her and often tell Tim how much I “miss her” even when I’m holding her and/or wearing her! But it’s very different the second time around. When Ryder was a baby we were allllllways together. And I had very few distractions. I could (and would) sit and stare/play with him all. Day. Long. I loved it. We’d watch movies together, snuggle, take naps together on the couch, repeat. It was magical. And I loved every second of it. Second time around looks very different. I am much more distracted and have way more things to do as our family grows. Which is why I am constantly missing my Blakers. So when I do get moments alone with her, I soak them up to the max!!!!

She’s a great little “traveler” and is very easy to take anywhere. She’s always loved tummy time and I can barely get her to stay on her back (for pictures) these days. She’s realllllly starting to bond with Tim and smiles a huge smile whenever he gets home. She will sit in her chair and follow/”track” him wherever he goes. She doesn’t like when he kisses her face though. Those dang whiskers hurt! LOL

She’s getting very grabby and loves to grab anything and everything you’ve got in your hands! She also loves to pull on my hair – ouch! She is very chatty and loves to coo and makes noises when we’re all hanging out. Like she want to be part of the conversation. Adorable. She loves getting home after we’ve been out and getting naked. LOL Ryder was never like this. I swear he was never naked unless he was in the bath.

She has the cutest little giggle and when she looks into my eyes and smiles with her entire body… Ugh. I can’t handle it!! Ryder gives her a kiss on her forehead every night before she goes to sleep and I swear it’s the cutest thing. Ever. She also loves Lincoln. Is always trying to “pet” him (aka pull his hair) and laughs at him when he plays with his toys, sits by her, etc.

Her hair continues to get lighter in color and the bald spot (on the back of her head from rubbing her sheets – I guess this bald spot is common? I wouldn’t know because Ryder was BALLLLLLD! LOL) is no longer bald. I really look forward to the days of putting her hair in tiny little pig tails and clips.

Ok, don’t judge my “6” LOL! It’s really hard to make numbers out of flowers! Plus, a baby who is very interested in them and keeps rolling over and messing them up! Ha.

Big bro taking care of his sissy. It’s so sweet when he’s worried about her. Ryder always needs to say “goodbye” to us when we leave or he melts down. He’s never really worried about saying “bye” to Blake but this past weekend at church he suddenly realized she was gone (Tim had said goodbye but didn’t have him say goodbye to Blakes) and was so worried! “Oh no!!! Where Blakes go? Where Blakes? Oh no!” It was the sweetest!

She was happy as a clam when I finally let her roll over and make a big mess of the roses. Ha! Silly little girl. And look at that smile!

 Seriously?! The cutest!

We love you little girl. SO much.

(Insert ugly cry.)


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