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Blakely Gray – 6 weeks old

I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. I got this cute idea for these pictures off of Pinterest. But OMG I swear, Pinterest is going to be the death of me! It eats away at my soul!!!! LOL Reminding me of all the cool and creative things I never did that break my heart. Or things I “should” be doing, but don’t. And the one million things I wish I did.  I swear every time I log into Pinterest a part of my soul dies!! And I feel like a failure and want to cry. Sooo… why do I keep looking?! Oh yeah. Because I get cute ideas like this…

I took these pictures of Blakely because I can’t believe she’s already 6 weeks old. The time has gone so fast. I think she is just beautiful and can’t get enough of her and those amazing squishy cheeks! 🙂 She’s so alert and is starting to make cute little baby noises. She loves bath time and is so calm and snuggly after. I love it! I seriously can’t get enough of her. I just kiss her and squeeze her as often as I can. Taking these sweet baby moments all in!


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