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Blakely Gray – 7 Months Old

My little Blaker babe. She is so much fun! Seven months old and just a chunky bundle of love. She is the sweetest love nugget and I can’t get enough. She has two bottom teeth and continues to be in pain due to more teeth on their way. So sad to see her so uncomfortable about it. I tried the amber teething necklace and I did like it! But our pediatrician was very against us putting her to bed (nap time or night time) with it on and it’s such a pain to take that thing off and on 5 times a day. LOL So we haven’t been using it. I do feel like the teething tabs help and just want to offer her some comfort.

She’s SOOO close to crawling. Figured out how to push back onto her knees but can’t figure out how to go forward. She kind of moves in a circle on her knees and rocks back and forth. It’s adorable but OMG I’m not ready for my bitty baby to be crawling! Time, please slow down!

She is a smiley, happy little baby who thinks Ryder is just hilarious. She is always laughing at him and watching him play. He’s very entertaining. 😉 When we’re in the car, she just stares at him. Gazing into his eyes. LOL (Her carseat faces back and his forward, so they can look at each other.) I love watching them together and can’t wait to see them play (and fight, too). She is sleeping through the night with no problems and loves being in her bed for nap time. She has a hard time sleeping on the go because she’s way too interested in everything else going on to fall asleep!

She loves Lincoln and hits him on the back and pokes him in the face pets him gently. 😉 She does NOT like it when he wags his tail in her face though. Ha! She loves his fluffy tail (when it’s not in her face) and thinks it’s a toy. And you guessed it, he just sits there and lets her eat his tail!!! (Dog tails are clean, right?!?) Sometimes they lay next to each other on the floor and it looks like they’re cuddling. It’s so freaking cute. Lincoln never did this with Ryder. (Probably because I was SO overprotective and got mad if he went anywhere near the baby – HA!)

She is so chubby and delicious. Her chunky thighs make me SO HAPPY and those cheeks. UGH. The best. She makes puckered duck lips when she’s focused (just like Ryder did/does) and it melts me. She is great at nursing and never complains if we switch it up (giving her a bottle and/or formula).

She kind of prefers me and gets sad if I leave the room when she wants me to hold her. (Which isn’t too often, she’s great at hanging out on the floor and playing with her toys. Seriously the best baby EVER!) Actually, BOTH babies prefer me right now and I kind of dig it. LOL Ryder went through a MAJORRRR daddy obsessed phase for the longest time. He’d see us and run right past me to go jump into daddy’s arms. Kinda broke my heart. He’d cry if I was carrying him instead of daddy. Again, breaking mommy’s heart! But of course now he prefers me (because he’s jealous of me holding Blake) and will say “mommy put Blakely on ground and play with tools!” Little stinker! 😉 It makes it very difficult for me when he demands being carried or held while I’m feeding Blake, carrying Blake, getting carseats, strollers, etc with him screaming for me. So it’s exhausting and wonderful all at the same time. I realize that soon enough he won’t want to be carried. And he won’t hold my hand. We’ll go somewhere new and instead of holding back and standing RIGHT next to me, he’ll run ahead without fear or hesitation, never looking back to make sure I’m there. And so I’m going to soak it all up while I can!!

Blakers loves her binkys, rattle toys and her flamingo. I seriously can’t get enough of her and wish she’d stay this perfect sweet little baby forever. At the same time, watching her grow and learn and change is wonderful. I sometimes just sit and stare at both my babies and can’t believe they’re mine. That I made them. And I’m so grateful to God for each and every day I get to be their mommy.

I made the mistake of taking these pictures before nap time. She wasn’t into her glamour shots and I couldn’t get a good smile out of her! 😉 I would have tortured her (and my hubby) and tried to re take these pics but we’ve been so crazy over here! SO busy with family in town, kids schedules, trips and now being kicked out of our house for three weeks while all of our windows are replaced (due to severe hail damage). NOT FUN!!!


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