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Blakely Gray – 8 Months Old

I’m SO late for this month! Oops. Tooth just reminded me that she’ll be turning NINE months next week! AHHH… Where has the time gone!? Anyway, these pictures are from our spring break vacay in Florida. They were taken on her actual 8 month mark. I’ve been delaying posting these pictures because 1. I’ve been so overwhelmed with our busy schedule lately and 2. I am trying to sit down, upload my pictures to Lightroom and actually spend time learning how to edit photos the way I like. But there is a HUGE learning curve there and I’m gonna need lots of practice before my pictures even look semi decent. So for now, these are gonna have to do.

Life has just been so busy lately! I had this vision of getting the perfect pictures of Blake on the beach and taking her 8 month photos. But… I just couldn’t get it to work out the way I had planned in my mind. I couldn’t get a good angle, the sun wasn’t working with me and of course she was WAY more interested in eating the sand playing with the sand than looking at me! She LOVED the beach and could sit and watch the waves all day. It was the cutest thing watching her take it all in!

Anyway, my baby girl is SOOO much fun. She wasn’t crawling at the 8 month mark. She was kinda pulling herself around if she wanted something nearby. She loves watching her big brother, Ryder and is always so happy when he’s around.

She started eating baby food! This is a huge moment for me. I don’t know why but it makes her seem so much older. It’s a big step away from being my bitty newborn baby. When Ryder was a baby he HATED baby food. It took multiple attempts (and several weeks on and off of trying) before he was into it. But Blakely… she loves it! She wasn’t a big fan of green beans (can you blame her?) but has enjoyed everything else.

She has 6 teeth and I love them! I remember loving Ryder’s little baby teeth, too. They are just so sweet with their little toothy grins! UGH, I’m so in love. Blakey is a great sleeper, sleeps about 12 hours every night and still takes 3 naps. She goes down easily and is such a pleasant little girl. She loves to “chat” and make noises. She also LOVES when Ryder isn’t looking and playing with his tools! LOL

Her and Lincoln continue to snuggle and love each other. She tugs on Lincoln’s ears, fur, tail, etc and he never seems to mind. She CRACKS UP when he plays with his toys and plays tug of war with me or Ryder.

Sometimes I dance for her (LOL it’s not pretty!) and she loves it! Gets the biggest smile and watches me with excitement. She loves being outside and going on walks (which we try to do most nights after Tim gets home from work). Sweet baby girl has always loved bath time and thinks bubbles are so confusing! Trying to grab them and is genuinely confused when they disappear after she touches them!! LOL

When Blake was really little, she hated being rocked! It was so strange to me. But if I tried to sit down and rock her to sleep or to calm her down, she’d get so upset! She always preferred to be bounced or for me to pat her booty. But now she lets me rock her after her last meal of the day before getting in bed. I just sit in her cozy, dark room and hold her. And rock her. And stare at her perfect little pout. Watching her breathe in and out. It’s the sweetest, most innocent and wonderful thing. I have to force myself to put her in bed because I just want to squeeze her and cuddle her alllllllll night long. Oh my GOSH, I love that girl!

She loves her daddy and smiles the biggest smiles for him. She’ll just sit in her high chair with a toy and watch him move around the kitchen smiling at him. It’s adorable. Seeing Tim with her is soooo cute. I just see him melting over her and OMG is there anything better?? I can’t wait to watch their relationship grow. He’s always saying things like, “hey beautiful girl” and she gets the biggest, toothy grin. It is the BEST!

These 8 months have flown by and I feel the time slipping through my fingers. I swear just yesterday I was feeling all these baby feels for Ryder. And now he’s two and a half! WTF?! He’s so old and I can’t believe how quick it goes!

Ryder gives her a kiss every night before she goes down for the night, but other than that he’s not loving the idea of sharing toys with her and still doesn’t seem to get what all the fuss is about over her! LOL But he is very sweet to her when she’s upset and smiles at her in the car (their car seats face each other) which is so cute! “Mommy! Bwakewy smiwe at me. She has teeth, mommy!” I just can’t handle how much I love them. I never knew my heart was capable of feeling this way. And it’s wonderful and overwhelming. I hope they know how much they are loved! I just love them and want to hug them and squeeze them. And even then I can’t seem to get them close enough or hug them tight enough!!!

Happy 8 months, baby girl. Please stay tiny and chubby and delicious forever.

She LOVED the sand and kicked her legs with JOY! Ha! The funniest and cutest thing ever. Like she was thinking, “what IS THIS?! This floor is soft! And I can pick it up in my hand?!! COOL!”


I would have never been this laid back with Ryder as a baby. I remember being at the beach with him when he was 5 months old and being SO paranoid about the sand getting on him. Giving him a rash or getting in his mouth. Ha!

These chubby baby arms and fingers?! I. CAN’T. HANDLE. IT!!!

Ok, so I realize that was WAY more pictures than anyone would ever need to see of this #failed photoshoot. LOL But I can’t help myself. Plus, I tried to edit them in Lightroom. Can you tell? Can you?! 😉 #rookie


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