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Blakely Gray – 9 Months Old

Our bitty babe is nine months old! Suddenly she seems very old! Crawling like crazy (first crawled April 21st) and loving food. She seems like such a big girl eating puffs and baby food. She loves her sippy cup of water and again, it makes her seem so old! Her hair is starting to grow, which is so exciting! I love it. When she lets me, I sit there playing with it, tucking it behind her ears and basically petting her!… UGH I love it. And those adorable teeth. I can hardly contain my love for her! I could burst, I swear. 

Blakers still has 6 teeth and sometimes I look at her and get a clear visual of what she’s going to look like when she’s two and it just makes me so sad and so happy at the same time. She recently started HATING us changing her diaper. Screams the entire time we’re changing her diaper or getting her dressed for the day. She loves bath time (still) and is so silly. She is always smiling and giggling. She does this funny laugh where she scrunches up her nose and does a loud sniff with her nose. In and out over and over again. It’s probably the CUTEST THING EVER! 

She’s snuggly and loves to be held but also loves crawling around and checking out her surroundings. Little explorer! Her and Lincoln still play together and he’s very protective of her. He will sit RIGHT next to her (or sometimes kinda ON her) and thinks he’s the guard dog. 

Ryder is loving on her more and more and it melts me!!! He will randomly look at her and say, “I love her.” OMG The best. He loves giving her kisses goodnight and sometimes will offer her his toys to play with (without me asking him to share!). 

I baby wear her a lot more than I ever wore Ryder. I love it! She loves facing forward and seeing all the excitement in the room. Blake loves her binky, but not quite as much as Ryder (which is a good thing! Ryder was SOOO attached to that binky.) She is still nursing but gets really distracted when Ryder is playing near her and making noise. She’s WAY more entertained by him, no matter how hungry she is! 

Her smiley personality has people stopping in their tracks to chat with her and comment on how adorable she is. 🙂 Her goofy, scrunched-nose laugh is contagious. And we love it! We all adore her! She truly brings our family so much joy and is a little love bug. She’s been a very easy baby and continues to sleep through the night. Tooth loves waking up with her in the mornings and playing on the floor. She climbs all over us like we’re jungle gyms and it’s so funny. She’s a busy body and loves to interact with others and touch! She likes cuddling and touching more than Ryder ever did, and I eat it up. Every chance I get to sit with her and huuuug her or sing to her, I do. And those moments are cherished. 

Blake and I did a little mini shoot with my friend Katy for her nine month mark. She was so interested in the grass (and sticks and bark) that she could barley focus! Ha! But she did great. I can’t believe how much I love these babies of mine. They are the light of my life! Every mother out there understands that it’s impossible to explain the overwhelming love you feel for your children. It’s all consuming. You hear people say things like, “you never know love until you become a mother,” and you’re all, “yeah, yeah, yeah,” but it’s SO TRUE. My heart has grown a million sizes since having these two little monkeys and I love them beyond words. 

We love you baby girl. You are the sweetest thing we’ve ever laid eyes on and we love watching you grow. You’ll always be our precious bitty baby girl!

I can’t even handle her. She’s so freaking CUTTTEEEE!!!

 Those chubby hands! I die.

These photos were taken by my friend, Katy. She’s so sweet and captured Blakely so beautifully! Katy Rose Lute Photography

Blakely: Floral Headband (adorable!!!!!) Dress // Bracelet “9” Party Hat // Moccs

Me: Yellow Heels – similar here, here and here Floral Dress – similar here, here and here Bracelets – similar here, here and here


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