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Blakely Gray – Newborn Shoot with Hillary Wheat Photography

I realized I never posted these beautiful pictures of my newborn baby girl. It took me so long to get into a routine with two little ones. I’m just now realizing that I never posted this newborn shoot we did with Blakely (and I haven’t yet written her birth story down! Need to do that asap!) 

Looking back at these gives me all the feels. I remember this day so vividly. I remember watching Hillary shoot Blakely and just standing there watching, melting into a puddle! She is 7 days old here and the sweetest little snuggle bug. I never got professional newborn pictures like these taken of Ryder and it’s one of my biggest regrets! 

Hillary has a little studio in her basement (in Stapleton) and she was soooo good. I’m so grateful my husband understands my deep desire for pictures (of pretty much everything). Prepare your uterus for what you’re about to see. You may want to have another baby, against your better judgement, after seeing these delicious photos of our darling little girl. 

I will forever cherish these sweet photos of my baby girl fresh from heaven. My heart is exploding and about to burst at the seams!!!


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