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Blakely Gray – ONE year old!

Holy smokes! Our baby girl is one year old! WHHHYYYY does time have to go by so fast?! These photos were taken at the park about a month before her birthday. She already seems so much older! These photos aren’t the best. I was trying to shoot in manual and work on my photog skills. I learned my lesson to never try something new when it involves little babies who are not patient. So, I did my best to edit them and fix them up in Lightroom. But, I’ve still got a lot to learn… Thankfully, we are doing a real shoot for Blake’s first birthday with Kathleen Peachey Photography soon. (You can see Blakes 6 month pictures with Kathleen Peachey HERE.)

Our Blakers is a silly girl who loves her mommy. :):):) She loves to sit on my lap. Not next to me or in front of me, but in my lap. She thinks stuffed animals are so funny and hugs/kisses them. *melt me*

She still hates being changed and will scream the entire time she gets dressed or her diaper changed. She’s growing so fast and still has 7 little teeth. She loves her crib and when I lay her down she rolls right to her tummy and rubs her soft sheets with her hand/her entire arm. It’s adorable. Sometimes she’ll look up at me and wave while saying “bye-bye”.

She has an interest in coloring, books, her baby dolls. She got a baby doll for her birthday that laughs, drinks a bottle, burps and snores. She thinks this is hilarious!

She continues to love food and wants whatever we’re eating. She is a big fan of sausage in the morning and sliced turkey for lunch! But really, she’s not picky and will eat anything!

She is awake before Ryder every morning and loves going in his room with me when he wakes up. She’s crawls over to his crib and pulls herself up. Laughs at him and talks. She’s very chatty! She legit thinks she’s having a conversation and it’s SOOOO cute. Her big brown eyes melt everyone she meets.

She crawls reallllly fast and it cracks me up to watch that diaper butt swing back and forth so quickly! She often will bear crawl and it kills us! (I think she started to bear crawl because her dresses made it impossible for her to continue crawling on her knees, so she figured out really quickly that bear crawling worked just fine while wearing dresses!)

She loves playing outside on the patio in Ryder’s water table. She fills up little cups with water and flicks it all over herself and cracks up. Her eyes are super sensitive to the light and she squints BIG TIME when it’s sunny out. Squishing up her little nose. GAH. The best.

She hasn’t been into her bottles lately. Will barely drink any (breast)milk! She will still nurse in morning and right before bed time. But other than that, forget it. She’s too excited to play and see what’s going on! She’s been digging cold whole milk and like Ryder, will chug it and slam it down after she’s done while she’s breathing heavily form the effort it took to gulp so fast!

She loves her baby sitter, Kendra. She is comfortable and happy to be with her when mommy has to leave. Blakes still squishes up her nose and breathes heavily through her nose when she’s being goofy. This might be my most favorite thing ever!

She’s pretty tough (Ryder has kicked her over, run over her, hit her, thrown things at her, etc) and often times doesn’t cry when Ryd is being rough. She’s more sensitive though and seems to cry (hard) when her feelings get hurt. lol Oh boy. Here we go with the sensitive girl drama 😉 …

She hates getting her teeth brushed but will steal the toothbrush and suck on it for a good hour once you’re done. She loves Lincoln and continues to tug on his fur and poke his eyes. He doesn’t mind, though. In fact, at night when I’m rocking her and nursing her before bed, he always joins us and sits on the ottoman. If I accidentally lock him out for this, he sits outside her door and whines the entire time.

She’s very busy and doesn’t enjoy being put in her carseat. She’s not happy if she’s in there too long! She’s very snuggly and sometimes will just come over, get in my lap/arms and hug me for a while. I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOVE this and never want it to end.

She loves her mommy and majority of the time, wants to be sitting in my lap or held by me. She gets really upset and sad if she can see me and wants me to hold her. A lot of times I can’t even pee alone because she just needs me.

She loved having cake for her birthday and like most food, we had to cut her off because she just pounds it! We call her “hollow leg” because we swear we don’t know where all that food goes?! It’s awesome. We love it!

She loves her brother and whenever he is laying on the ground to get his diaper changed, she immediately crawls over to him and climbs on top of him. He is not a fan of this. But she is a little monkey and loves crawling and climbing all over me and Tim when we’re on the floor playing with her. 🙂

Squishy nose!!!! 🙂

That silly little tongue!

I just can’t handle it. I love her so much!!!

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Messing around with photoshop. I love black and white photography!

I love you sooooo much, Blakely Gray. You are my heart and soul. I pray that you and I will always have a close relationship! You have brought so much love and joy into our home. We are so thankful that God has given you to us as part of our family. Please don’t grow up too fast! 😦 Ahhhh, my heart. It’s going to explode! I’m constantly torn about not wanting your younger years to pass me by. I wish you could be my baby forever. But then, I’m also excited to see all you will do and experience in this life. Being a mom has been the best adventure. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything! I love you, Blake. You’re the best and most adorable baby girl there ever was. Ever.

“I believe that God sent you into my life to give me something to fight for, to show me there is love in this world, to give me hope and to bring me joy, all the proof in God I need is in you, you are a gift from the heavens.”

And now I leave you with a sweet note to our birthday girl from her daddy. If this doesn’t melt you into a puddle, you’re made of stone. I love how much he loves her. It’s a beautiful thing to watch Tim love his baby girl.


Blakey Gray,

I can’t believe you are already 1 year old!  One year ago, you completely changed my life.  You immediately gave me a sense of joy that is so great, it’s simply indescribable.  When I look into those beautiful puppy dog brown eyes of yours, my heart instantly melts… It’s like you have a superhero power with those eyes that, without a doubt, will become a big problem for your Dad later on in your teenage years.  How am I ever going to be able to say “No”?  And those little chiclet teeth with spaces between them.  When I get home from work, that’s the first thing I see which makes it impossible for me to not smile myself.  I’ve always thought that it’s very hard, if not impossible, to truly feel and experience God’s Love in this lifetime.  But being a father to you, along with Ryder and TJ, have completely changed my heart and mind.  This innate love that I feel for you is incomprehensible but yet so real.  It gives me an insatiable desire to protect you, comfort you, and love you forever.  You will always be my little Angel and Blessing from above that I will never take for granted.  I love you little Blakely Gray and I promise that I will be the best Daddy to you that I can possibly be!


Daddy ……………………………………… “For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you.”


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