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Blakely’s First Birthday Shoot with Kathleen Peachey Photography

Hey guys! I’m so excited to finally be sharing with you our photos from Blakely’s first birthday! I had been planning this shoot for a while and knew I wanted a “beachy” look. I know I’ve said it before, but Kathleen is sooo gifted. She is the sweetest and most calm person I’ve ever met. I swear when I’m around her all my worries just fly away. It’s like magic. Ha. But seriously, I have a ton of friends who have used her for their family shoots and fall in love right away. I get texts like, “you’re right, she’s the sweetest! I’m in love with the pictures!” 

Kathleen is sweet enough to offer my followers a 15% discount when you use the code ‘BUTTARCUP’. I promise you won’t regret taking the time and money to get some beautiful shots of your family you will cherish forever! Click Kathleen Peachey Photography to see her beautiful website. 

Tips for a smooth photoshoot:

1. Know the look or theme you want in advance. I plan far in advance so I’m not rushed or stressed. I usually give myself a month or two to schedule the date, get an idea of the look I want and order clothes needed for anyone. 

2.  I usually plan my look first. I’ve found that I’m the hardest to make look good! LOL I spend time shopping online in the evenings when my babies are asleep and order a few dresses (or whatever I need) online so I have time to try things on and return the ones I don’t need for shoot. I like to shop at Nordstrom, ASOS, Gap and Old Navy. All shops ship for free and have free return labels (or you can return in store, which is really convenient.)

3. Once my dress or outfit is chosen, I dress the rest of the family. The boys are usually fairly easy and plain. I spend a little more time on Blakely, making sure all of our outfits go together for the look I’m creating.

4. Once I have all the pieces I think everyone will wear (I usually have a couple options for each kid), I set them all out of the floor and mix and match items until I like the overall look of colors, patterns, textures, etc. 

5. I try to get the kids (boys) hair cut at least 1-2 weeks before shooting because fresh cuts don’t look quite as natural. 

6. I like to make sure my hair is blown out a couple days before we shoot because my hair is best when it isn’t too clean. I also like to get my nails painted a couple days before the shoot just so I don’t have to worry about that the night before!

7. A day or two before the shoot I make sure all outfits are clean, fit the kids, are ironed and hung up. I set aside shoes, hair bows, snacks, props, etc that will be needed for shoot. 

8. The night before the shoot I make sure everyone has their nails cut, hair clean, and in bed on time so they get a good night sleep. Sleep is key to a successful shoot!! If the kids need naps the day of the shoot (before the shoot) I make sure they get in bed on time so they are rested. 

9. Day of the shoot all I want to think about is getting ready, dressed and out the door with little to no fuss! I try to get the kids bellies full before we get in the car, so they aren’t wanting to snack during the shoot. (I bring snacks for after the shoot is over.) 

10. I usually pack an extra top for the little kids just in case something crazy happens and they get dirty, but I’ve never actually had to use it. Once it’s shooting time, just go with the flow. Messes happen. Just try to have fun and make the most of it. I try to really play and interact with my babies during shoots so they feel more natural and I’m not forcing them to pose. Kids hate posing. 

The great news is, if you use Kathleen, you are guaranteed a good shoot! I’m not kidding, she’s the best!! 🙂 Blakely fell asleep in the car on the way to this shoot (the kiss of death for a smooth shoot) and I was so upset. But what can you do?! She woke up SOO, so cranky. Which is unusual for her. She was a mess the entire shoot. We couldn’t get one smile out of her and I was devastated. Poor Kathleen just kept trying and trying. We did every trick in the book. 

On the way home from the shoot, I was almost in tears over the thought that we got no good pictures. So much thought and energy went into the shoot and I was just sad about it. Once we got home, Blakely started throwing up everywhere (ew, sorry. Gross.) Poor girl. But then the next day Kathleen sent me a few shots as a preview and I was sooo happy. I don’t know how she managed, but she did it! Look at these beautiful photos she got!! (Insert tear.) Once again, I am in love with the pictures and can’t wait to add these framed beauties to our home. 

You can contact Kathleen HERE to schedule your shoot.

(Don’t forget the code! ‘BUTTARCUP’ for 15% off!)

So grateful for the gorgeous shots of our family. They truly bring tears to my eyes. I’m so in love with these humans. And they’re all mine!

My dress is from ASOS. See HERE.

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