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Blakely’s First Snow

Today we woke up to the most beautiful snow. There is something so wonderful about seeing snow for the first time each year. I was so excited to show Blake (even though she has no clue and won’t remember LOL) and she looked so cute in her puffy coat. OMG That girl. So freaking cute. Ryder was so excited to run around in it but didn’t love the fact that his shoes and socks got wet (ha! He is is mothers son).

Those cheeks. I can’t get enough.

Poor Blake! That jacket in her face. Good thing she’s a chill baby. LOL Ryder was really worried about Lincoln here because he was shaking he was so cold.

“Lincoln!! COLD!!” LOL

Watching these two together makes my heart melt in a way I never knew possible.

He stole our babysitters credit cards. Ha! Good thing she loves him.

Everything about this girl makes me so happy! I swear sometimes I think my heart might burst. Along with my cheeks splitting open from smiling SO big and SO hard all day long.

Love you forever Blakely girl. She’s 15 weeks old tomorrow. Time is flying!


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