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Breakfast in Bed

Every now and then I crave sitting in bed and watching cartoons while eating donuts with the kids! We don’t do it very often, but it’s so much fun when we do. I think the kids love a more relaxed mom who is ready to play, rather than the “go, go, go” mom who is constantly saying, put on your shoes, hurry up, we need to go! You know, the mom who is totally ok with food all over her bed and able to embrace the smushed sprinkles and chocolate smeared across her face and clothes from the kids making a huge mess. I am trying to be more of that mom and less of the OCD mom that I tend to be the majority of the time. 

Mom guilt is real, guys. I find it’s always worth taking the time to stare at their faces and appreciate the little moments we have together in these young years. I’ll never regret taking time to slow down and enjoy the chaos every now and then. I’m so grateful I get to be home with them!

So I surprised the kids with donuts in bed and they loved every second of it. It ended with us jumping on the bed and the kids squealing with joy. I need to do easy fun-filled things like this more often! I’m just soooo not a morning person. 😉 It’s safe to say I enjoyed this fun morning as much as the kiddies!

Photography by Lisa Pummel

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