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These two. They are so cute together. Ryder LOVES TJ. I mean, he LOVESSSSS him. And I think TJ is ok with all the love. ☺ TJ is a great big brother to Ryder. Always has been. He plays with him and takes care of him and I love watching their brotherly love grow. They are so cute together! Watching them become big brothers to a little sister has been so wonderful. TJ fell in LOVE with Blakely the second he saw her. He’s always coming home from school and asking how she’s doing. Asking to hold her and cuddle her on the couch. The cutest. I’m so grateful for this family of mine. I love watching the relationships between all three kids and can’t wait to watch Blakely’s big brothers take care of her. They’ve got her back already! I hope the bond between all of them just gets better and deeper with age.

Here is a random selection of pictures of my boys. I love watching their brotherly bond grow. And watching them become big brothers to a little girl… The sweetest!

These two. I mean, have you ever seen such cute dudes!? I sure do love them. This photo was taken at Ryder’s 1st Birthday shoot. Photo by Laura Murray Photography. I love this picture. This perfectly captures their love for each other!

This photo is by Kathleen Peachey Photography. These photos were taken for our Christmas card last fall. Ryder is just over 1 year and as usual, he’s cracking us up!

Ryder is always telling us “walk!” and that means “come with me… we’re gonna go play together”. LOL Watching TJ in his big brother roll is the cutest. He has the best heart and is so caring and loving towards Ryder. Even when Ryder is annoying! Ha!

I just LOVE this picture. STUDS!

This was the day Blakely was born. TJ fell in love with her the second he laid eyes on her. He’s always saying “she’s so cute!!” and “oh my gosh I don’t want her to grow up! She can’t get any cuter than this!” and it just puts a smile on my face to watch him love her. 

This was day two of Blakely’s life. Day 1 Ryder wasn’t too into her. LOL He didn’t want to sit by her or take pictures with her. He didn’t even have much interest in checking her out, either. But he did go in for one quick kiss. And that was that. He was over it after that one kiss for the day. Haha.

TJ’s always asking to hold Blakely and loves to cuddle her. This is his favorite position. He wants her to be “cozy” and loves how her cheeks squish up. 

I just love these kids of mine and can’t believe I have three kids. What?! How’d that happen? Being their mom is the best gift and I thank God for it every day. Please don’t grow up too quickly, little babies! I want to capture all these moments and put them in my pocket! To say I feel blessed is 1. kinda cheesy and 2. an understatement (to say the least). I can never find the words to describe the love I feel for these babies. I just hope they know how loved they are!


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