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Cancun Mexico – Anniversary

Tooth and I planned to take a beach vacation for our 7th anniversary in fall of 2017. But our house was on the market and life got too busy. So we decided to cancel the trip. Then we ended up moving and time got away from us! It wasn’t until just now that we were able to get away. And let me say, it was much needed. So instead of celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary, we are now celebrating ten years together! I can’t believe we’ve known each other/been dating for ten years. How did that happen?

Somehow I tricked Tooth into taking pictures with me on the beach. Haha. And I’m so glad I did. I love these pictures of us and realize that we don’t often get pics together. Our shoot are so family focused (and a lot of them very focused on the kids because I love capturing each stage as they grow) so it was a nice change of pace to take pictures just the two of us.

Already looking forward to our next beach vacation just us two. 2020? Fingers crossed!

Happy ten years, babe. I can’t believe in a few months we’ll be celebrating eight years of marriage! Love you.


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