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Casual Concert Outfit + Health Update

Hey guys! It’s finally Friday, yippee! I wore this super comfy outfit to a concert last week (Maroon 5 and it was amazing!) and love feeling put together but also almost as cozy as wearing my pajamas. I know I’ve said it before, but I’m soooo ready for cooler weather. Love busting out the sweaters and scarfs. Gah. The best! 

I’ve had a lot of people reach out asking about my health “issues” lately. I didn’t mean to be vague or cause concern. But I also didn’t want to blast social media with all my shenanigans because I’m ok and no one wants to hear a complainer all day, every day. I didn’t plan to talk about everything going on, but figured enough people asked me that I’d talk a bit about it to give a mini update. 

About two months ago I found a lump in my armpit (women have breast tissue in their arm pits) and it caused a lot of stress for Tim and me. I saw OB and she was worried about it enough to send me in for a mammogram. Let’s just say for two weeks there were lots of prayers, concern and sleepless nights. Thinking the worst. So much worry. The lump continued to grow until the morning I went in for mammogram. I couldn’t feel it anymore! It was an answered prayer. The best news possible that nothing was wrong and my scans were all clear. Phew!!

Fast forward a couple weeks and my dad and his wife were visiting us from Nebraska. To make a long, long story short, I was diagnosed with colitis. I had four visits to the ER while all this was happening and I was in a lot of pain. I had issues with the Rx they put me on and… it was a rough 10 days!! My dad and Debra were kind enough to cancel their plans for more travels and stayed with us to help me and the babies. 

They aren’t sure why I got colitis and I’ve continued to have some issues here and there (but no more intense pain, thank God!) So they’ve decided to move forward with a colonoscopy to get some answers. This will be happening next week and I am dreading the process. We are praying that they find nothing and I don’t have anything major going on. I am hopeful that I do not have chronic colitis (where it comes and goes for the rest of my days) and it was a fluke that I even got it in the first place! 

Tim and I are so grateful for the amazing friends we have surrounding us. We had friends help us out with the kids, bring us dinners, offer to drive TJ to and from sports, filled my room with flowers, etc. We are so blessed to have such giving and thoughtful friends in our life. I could cry just thinking about it. We felt so loved and in a time where there was a lot of stress and pain, we felt comforted and not alone. 

Big shout out to my hubby! He canceled work plans, a concert out with friends, missed a day of work all to help take care of me and the kids. I was in so much pain at one point he spent the morning spoon feeding me while I lay in bed moaning from pain. He held my hand and sat with me while I got poked and tested over and over again in the hospital. He also took on more responsibility around the house and with the kids. I do not deserve him. 

Anywho, I promise I won’t fill your feeds or my blog with lots of nasty details involving my heath. And we’re praying this is al over soon and there is no big issue with my health. But that’s whats been going on for us the past few months. Thank you to everyone for reaching out, the prayers and being there for my family and me. Much love to you all!!

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