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Casual Date Night

Tooth and I have been trying to get away for little dates here and there. Most of the time we take Blakely with us. But I’m starting to get a little more comfortable leaving her. This is a huge success!! Because with Ryder I was NOT ready to leave him at this point (7 weeks old). It’s so good to get a little time away and recharge your batteries away from the babies! This T is so comfy and so easy to dress up or down. I hate this “fourth trimester” when nothing fits. Tight tops are not my thing right now because a. they are not comfy! and b. looser tops are easier for me to nurse in when I’m out and about with Blakely. And you know I love my accessories! Still loving this necklace and bag! 

Love these heels // Love this RM bag. This link gives you a different color, but it’s on sale!

Black Jeans // Can’t find this exact necklace, but here is same brand and similar style

Easy T to dress up or down


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