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Celebrating Blake’s 1st Birthday with Family

The night before Blakes birthday party, we had a little celebration with just us. She got her first taste of cake and a couple gifts from mommy and daddy. She was sooo cute eating this cake. And of course, she loved it!! Ryder struggled a little bit with her getting all the attention, yummy cake and presents! But he did pretty good. The picture below of him sneaking a taste of her cake KILLS ME! 🙂 I am so beyond grateful for these babies! Sorry in advance for the picture overload. I can’t stop myself!

She seemed confused what this was and had no idea what to do. She figured it out pretty quickly though! 😉

That squished up nose!!! GAH. Kills me.

Cake COMA! lol

We tried to keep presents simple this year since both kids got birthday parties. Blakers got this rocking unicorn and loved it right away! Ryder also loves it and it’s SO CUTE. Definitely the prettiest toy either kid has!

Ha! I love that she looks overly excited about her new jewelry here. Melt me.

I am hoping to get around to editing and posting photos from Blakely’s birthday party soon. We’ve been so busy over here with a little traveling, family in town, school starting, birthdays, oh my. Busy, busy! But her party was adorable and I can’t wait to share photos of all the little details. Stay tuned!

Rocking Unicorn // Blakers Party Hat // Blakers Dress – Similar

Blake’s New Bracelets HERE

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