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Cozy Sweaters and Distressed Denim

I am loving these jeans! I wear these all the time and they are so comfortable and forgiving. They also aren’t stretching out all gross after days of days of wearing them between washes. Never giving me the grandma knees or super saggy butt. Yuck. I hate when pants/leggings do that. I guess I’ve got a thing for fringe lately because I’m loving these fringe booties. I love the height of them. Sometimes booties can confuse me when they aren’t the right height. Do I tuck the jeans in? Do I roll the jeans? Can I wear leggings with these booties?! Do I roll the jeans to show a little skin, or no? #FirstWorldProblems

This sweater is thinner (not a fan of bulky sweaters) but still very warm. I got it a size up so it’s longer and I love wearing it with leggings. And of course this bag… I love this bag. If I could get it in five more colors, I would.

Bahaha this picture is a #PinterestFail Seriously, those people throwing (or blowing) leaves, snow, sparkles, etc. That is SERIOUS talent. Hahaha. A talent I clearly do not have. Better luck next time, Stef. But it’s so flippin funny, I had to share. Because if you can’t laugh at yourself, what’s the point?! 🙂 🙂

Dang it! I think this sweater is sold out. But I love these sweaters: onetwothree.

Same bag, different color. (Which I’m loving!) // Denim (local!)

My statement necklace is old and I can’t even remember where it’s from? But here are others that I’m totally digging: one, twothree (this one is on sale!) // Booties


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