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Date Night @ Comedy Works

Tooth and I have scheduled out a couple date nights while we have the opportunity to spend some time together before the baby girl gets here. I love date night and always look forward to getting away and spending some quality time with my handsome hubby. But while I’ve been pregnant, it’s been difficult. I’m tired and we usually just go out to eat and then head straight back home. Don’t get me wrong, having a meal without a toddler climbing all over me in the booth is always nice! Ha! But I was telling Tooth the other day that I miss being able to go out and really relax and enjoy each other. So this past weekend on our date night he surprised me with tickets to Comedy Works! I was so excited. We love Comedy Works and always enjoy it when we go, we just always seem to forget about it! So we had a quick dinner before we went to the show and it was so nice to laugh and be alone with my hubs. We also got to spend some time with my bestie and her hubby that night, so it was a great night all around!

This outfit barely fits! HA! I’m getting pretty uncomfortable and couldn’t wait to get home and out of those jeans after the night was over. And this top. I love it! It’s so cute and light-weight. But OMG my giant belly!!!… I was seriously concerned that I was going to bust off a button! LOL I remember getting this shirt and thinking, “this is soooo big, it’ll never fit.” HA! In your dreams, Stef. And my most fav flip flops of all time. These things were so uncomfortable by the end of the night I carried them to the car and walked back barefoot! I may be experiencing some bloating. 😉 Safe to say that I should just spend the remainder of this pregnancy in my pjs! Goodbye cute baby bump and helllloooooooo swollen hands, feet, face, legs, ENTIRE BODY!

My TB flip flops are nude, here they are in gold

My exact shirt is no longer available. But this shirt is very similar and on sale!

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