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Date Night with Blake

I love getting Blakely all dressed up. This adorable little dress with the mustard sweater. Seriously?! So cute. Once again, I am rockin a button up because it is so easy to nurse B while we’re out and about. And I love headbands! Just a fun way to mix up the accessories. I don’t know why but my hubby loves when I wear headbands like this! 🙂 Blake was six weeks old in these pics. I can’t believe she’s already 10 weeks old!! WHAT?! Time is flying and I’m not ok with it. She used to be easy to tag along on dates. Spending most of the time sleeping. Now she’s more alert and it’s getting harder to take her and still really enjoy time alone with Tooth. So we try to leave her with the sitter and get quick dates in here and there. But bedtime is so stressful to me! I always feel bad leaving sitters with both babies at night right now because it’s just busy and hard. One’s crying. One is in the tub. One needs to be fed. Now the other one is crying. One needs to be rocked, one needs to be held. OMG! But a friend reminded me that it’s not nearly as stressful for a sitter to listen to them cry when their needs aren’t met RIGHT away. Which I guess is true. Listening to your own babies cry, is so heartbreaking for mommy! And spending a few hours with little ones is a lot easier than spending the entire day, every day with them. I really need to keep this friend around! LOL Always reminding me of these nice little truths. It’s ok to leave the babies. It’s ok not to be with them 100% of the time. #MomGuilt Dang it. Gets the best of me every time! But seriously… a few hours away is so nice. And necessary. Am I right?!


Similar dress and sweater from Carters. Loving this camo!

I get a lot of questions about Blake’s bows. I order most of them off Etsy.

Freshly Picked moccs


Denim // Similar heel // Similar clutch

Similar headband // Top from Express – buy one get one 50% off!

Oversized MK watch


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