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Day at the Park with R+B

Going to the park these days is so much fun. It’s so nice to get some fresh air and let the kids explore. Ryder loves being outside and having the freedom to run, play and be loud! It takes a lot of work to get to the park with two babies, but it’s so worth it! I love having books, snacks, toys and balls to play with when we’re at the park for the afternoon. The weather was perfect and I wasn’t worried about either one getting too cold or too hot. Perfect time of the year! I always worry about their baby soft skin in the blazing Colorado heat, so I always carry Honest sunscreen with me. 

This sweet boy has been more willing to take pictures lately. I think it’s so cute when he asks me to take his pic!

But sometimes, this is the “pose” I get for the pic. HA!

Both kids LOVE this book and love touching the ladybugs. I have been having so much fun reading to them. My childhood days of playing “teacher” and reading to my stuffed animals finally paid off! (PS if you can read The Giving Tree, Someday or I Love You Forever without crying an ugly cry, you’re my hero! I highly recommend you don’t read those ones while out in public at the park. Ha!)

This adorable girl! AHH, I can’t stand it. This sippy cup from Francesca’s is a spin off Starbucks – Baby Ducks Coffee. It’s so cute! Such a fun gift to give for a baby shower or birthday party!

Ryder LOVES reading. It melts me when he wants to sit on my lap and help turn the pages. And when he has the books memorized… UGHHH. My heart!

How cute is this “big brother” shirt from Vicarious Clothing?? I love it!

Ryder will randomly get excited at the thought of holding Blakely. He’s still trying to figure out how to hold her without tipping over. LOL I love that he’s acting like no one will notice if he just keeps smiling. 🙂

Still got it! Still got it, guys!! HA! And that goofy grin?! No idea where that little smile came from?

Blake isn’t quite as excited about being held by Ryder. She’s always trying to climb out of his lap, hence the tipping over. I’m trying to explain to him that sometimes babies don’t want to be held. He obviously is not a fan of this information!

This onesie kills me! It’s also from Vicarious Clothing and says “wonderfully made”. It’s sooo darling. Pair that cute onesie with those chunky thighs and I’m a happy mommy! 🙂

That bow! All the heart eyes. I love putting Blake’s outfits together and the bows are always the final touch. I’m really digging this floral pattern from Loopy Loo Bows. So cute.

Isn’t this the cutest?! I have a serious addiction to bows! Loopy Loo Bows are so well made and I love the size of the bow. 

Blakey’s Outfit:

Similar sweater here and here

Ryder’s Outfit:


TB flip flops – similar here and here

Similar tops here, here and here

Similar black denim here, here and here

Stella and Dot bracelet – similar here and here


Blake’s blanket from KBcute

Fawn Design diaper bag – similar here

Monkey Mat – use this all the time!

Someday book

Toys here and here

The Honest Company diapers, sunscreen and lunchbox

Happy Friday, friends! Hope you have a great weekend!


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