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Deck the Halls

Every year we decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving. I know this really irritates some people. And they don’t think Thanksgiving gets the “recognition” it deserves. But I think that’s BANANAS!!! If people want to be excited about trees, hot chocolate, red Starbucks cups, stockings, etc… Why stop them?? People are strangely opinionated about whether or not it’s “ok” to decorate before Thanksgiving. 

We love Christmas over here. Our tree is up and Christmas music is playing as soon as possible. But for some reason, this year we didn’t. I don’t know if it’s just because I am overwhelmed and exhausted? Or because we have had hardly any snow? But we I was having a hard time getting into the spirit and we didn’t decorate (put our tree up, etc) until after Thanksgiving this year. I didn’t even want to put ornaments on the tree!! LOL My husband was like, “are you ok? What’s going on?!” Because normally I have an annoying amount of decorations around the entire house. My hubby convinced me to put some of the decorations on the tree. HA! I just know that Ryder is going to knock some off, break them and on top of that… We will have to find time to put all of this stuff AWAY before we know it! So we did decorate, but very little. It was still fun! Blasting Christmas music, drinking hot chocolate, etc. 

Ryder was interested in helping us decorate this year and it was SO cute! He was getting frustrated because it’s really hard to put ornaments on branches! But he loves when we’re all together, working on projects. No matter what the project is. He’s such a little busy body and it’s adorable. Blake even helped put a few ornaments on and OMG she’s the freaking cutest baby there ever was!!! We were seriously laughing so hard at her holding out these ornaments! 🙂 🙂 TJ is the best big brother and was so patient helping Ryder figure out how to get the ornaments to stay. He’s always wanting to play with Ryder and checking on Blake to make sure she’s ok if she’s fussy. It’s so cute. He’s a very attentive brother and I’m so proud of him for taking his “big brother” role so seriously. I think because he is so patient, kind and loving to these babies, they will forever have close bonds and that just warms my heart! I love our family so much! (Ok, sorry. Sometimes I’m cheesy.)

So excited to help decorate the tree!

Best buddies. Seriously, you should see these two together. The best!

OMG, this girl! So freaking cute. (Don’t mind my socks! HA!)

So proud of herself holding up that snowflake ornament! I swear this cute moment is forever frozen in my mind. I won’t forget it. The cutest thing ever. Lots of laughs and kissed from Mommy and Daddy after she hung her first ornament. 🙂

Not the best family picture we’ve taken. HAHA. And I’m pretty sure Tim is taller than our tree! LOL

Ryder and Daddy wrestling. Ryder loves it!


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