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Denver Style Magazine – Mommy Fashion – What’s In My Diaper Bag

Today I am sharing what I keep in my diaper bag. I always keep this bag packed with everything I may need. You never know what’s going to happen when you’re out and about with kiddies! 

First, I love this diaper bag from Fawn Design, but you can view other favorites of mine HERE. I love that this diaper bag can be worn cross body, over the shoulder or as a backpack. I’ve mentioned it before, but even my husband is willing to wear this one! Here are other things I always have on hand:

1. Diapers and Wipes

I love the Honest Company diapers. They are easy to order and have adorable patterns for the kids. Ryder loves his tool-patterned diapers! I order diapers and wipes from the Honest Company online for both kids and they just magically appear at my front door (you can also order them online from Target). This is a huge help to me because going to the store with two kids is already hard enough. I don’t need to add carrying huge boxes of diapers to the car to my list of things to do!

2. Dirty Diaper Baggies

I keep THIS in my diaper bag. I use them fir dirty diapers (obviously) but also use these baggies for dirty or wet clothes that happen unexpectedly. Ryder is like a moth to a flame when he sees any sort of water or mud puddle. So these baggies have come in handy so I can keep the water/mud off of everything else in the car when I have to strip him down after he’s made a big mess!

2. Books and Toys

I keep a few in my bag at all times for when they get bored in the car or while we’re out running errands together. They both love THIS toy phone. I also currently have THIS and THIS in my bag. 

3. iPad and/or iPhone with movies and games

This is not ideal, but there are times when this is the only way I can get Ryder to stay quiet and still. I try to save this for an “emergency” situation where the poor kid is bored out of his mind or Tim and I are trying to eat a quick meal while we’re out. He’s knows this is a special treat and loves when we offer him a movie or show! We also have THIS case and it’s saved our iPad hundreds of times!

5. Big, soft blanket

I always have a blanket or two with me. I keep extras in the car. I use THIS one in the car, stroller and in the carts at the grocery store. They both love these blankets and they can fold up really small. 

6. Sippy cup (or two!)

I usually have a few sippy cups with me. Water for both, milk for both. I love THIS sippy cup because the straw is heavy at the bottom so no matter how they’re holding the cup, they can get the drink out. Brilliant! We also love THESE sippy cups. 

7. Honest Company Lunchbox

I almost always have this on me! I keep lots and lots of snacks in here at all times. Goldfish, fruit snacks, bars they both love, apple sauce, suckers, raisins, fruit, cheese sticks, etc. I just keep a little ice pack in there and everything stays cool for the entire day!

I love this healing balm from Honest Co. I use it for rash, scratches, dry hands, etc. It’s always, always in my bag. My kids have dry skin and get diaper rash really easily so I usually also carry THIS rash cream with me. 

I absolutely LOVE these binky clips. So cute. My kids are mostly off the binky now, but I have one (or two) on me at all times in case of emergency. Especially if we’re out and about and Blake needs to sleep in stroller or car. This just helps soothe her to sleep. 

Ryder and Blakely are close enough in age that they can share a t shirt if absolutely necessary. So I carry THIS t shirt with me just in case someone has an accident and we need a back up. Crunchy Cuts is the cutest little Etsy shop with adorable tees for the family. They are also local! Go check out her shop!

As far as this adorable leopard sweater, it’s from Denver Street Boutique. (So are the distressed jeans!) This sweater is big and comfy. I usually wear a t shirt underneath so I can take it off if I get too hot chasing the kids around. 

These booties are some of my favorite for this season! I love the burgundy color and love that it adds a pop of color and interest to any outfit. This Nixon watch is a go-to for me lately. I love that it’s SO cute but also lightweight. Sometimes I don’t want a big, chunky watch on while I’m at the park with the kids. This just seems so light and easy. Matches everything. I love it!

These midi rings are so cute and are adjustable so they fit any size. I love this! I’ve purchased midi rings in the past and then only one of the five pack fits because I can’t fit them to my fingers. So these are awesome for that reason, thin and dainty. So cute.

As always, my custom engagement ring (and other diamonds) are from Mark’s Diamonds in Cherry Creek. This place is the absolute best!! Whether you’re looking for engagement rings, wedding bands, anniversary gifts, push present, etc. They can make ANYTHING you want. It’s so fun to join Mark and Natalia in the design process, if that’s you’re thing. If not, they have a beautiful selection to choose from. You can tell them your price range (ANY price range) and work together to get a piece you absolutely love. I am in love with everything they’ve made me and already look forward to the day I can pass down these beautiful and meaningful pieces to my kids and grandkids. 

If you go in to check things out, tell them Stef from What’s Up Buttarcup sent you and you’ll get the royal treatment! No pressure sales. Just fun times and lots of gorgeous diamonds to look at! 🙂 

Honest Wipes + Diapers

Lunchbox // Sippy Cup HERE + HERE

Blanket HERE + HERE

Binky Clip // iPad + Cover HERE

Crunchy Cuts T Shirt

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