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Denver Style Magazine – Realistic Playdate Outfit

Hey guys! Welcome back to Mommy Fashion via Denver Style Magazine. I love everything about this easy outfit. I feel cute, put together but still able to chase my kiddos around. This tote gives me life!!! I love it. You can fit so much stuff in there! Plus, it’s just adorable. That never hurt nobody. 😉 

I love colorful bracelets that are easy to throw on (or take off) to add a little pop to my outfit. I’m really into basic t’s and tops (this one is from Fabrik) because then I can mix it up with different bags, jewelry, shoes, etc. All the fun layers! These bracelets are a mix from different shops, but you guys know I love Benny J Designs! (I linked more below photos.)

These distressed shorts from Pinks Boutique in Bonnie Brae are my most favorite. I have worn them SO much this summer. They are a bit longer and I love that. (You can read about my random rant about girls in short-shorts HERE.) And of course, my favorite “fancy” flip flops. They really do make me feel a bit more dressed up/cute than Nikes, Birkenstocks or my go-to basic flip flops. But I love all of those options, too! A girls gotta have options, amiright?! 

This tote has worked well for me as a diaper bag if I have the kiddos with me. As the weather changes into fall, I can easily swap the shorts out for leggings or jeans. As well as switch the flip flops for cute booties or Converse.

Rock Ring // Bracelets HERE + HERE

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