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Family Date at the Park

Trying to take advantage of these beautiful summer nights. I love the tail end of summer when the nights are cooler. The best! We got Jimmy Johns and decided to eat dinner at the park and let Ryder run off some steam. Ryder is in his happy place at the park and had a blast going down the slide 1,000 times and playing in the water. The water is freezing! But he doesn’t seem to mind. Or notice. LOL And this little girl. Just the cutest! Trying so hard to soak up all these moments with my little family. I can’t believe she’s four weeks old already. Time is flying by! 

I could just eat these chubby little cheeks right off her face!

 This little monkey man. Loves exploring!

Melt my heart with those eyes and that dimple grin. UGH! Love him.

Oh! This sweet girl and her cute little face. So in love!

Daddy’s little girl. He’s so in love and it melts me watching him with her!

All this frizzy black hair just kills me 🙂 Blakely’s Outfit: I’ve gotten a lot of questions about Blakely’s jumpsuit. This thing is so cute! I can’t find the exact one but here is a similar one // The cutest moccs that actually stay on newborn feet! B’s bracelet is the cutest! You can get all sizes here. Ryder’s Outfit: T-Shirt // Shorts // Toms My Outfit: I am still wearing mostly maternity clothes at this point. They are just more comfortable while I’m in this in-between stage (the “4th trimester”). Can’t wait to get back into my regular clothes! Similar T-Shirt here // My shorts are old but love these // Flip Flips // MK Watch Love this Stella and Dot bracelet!


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