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Family Holiday Photos 2015

So, I know the holidays have come and gone. I still feel like I’m playing catch up with my life. But I wanted to share these amazing photos from Newell Jones and Jones Photography (you can visit their site here). When you’re taking family pictures with kids, you need a photographer that loves kids and is patient. Anna is just that! I told her before the shoot that I didn’t have high expectations for Ryder to cooperate. LOL! I explained that if we get him to just LOOK at the camera, even if it’s just a stone cold face, we’d be lucky. And… We got it! VICTORY! Ha. 

Blakely was only two months old here. I can’t believe how fast the time is flying by and I’m so glad my family allowed me to get them all dressed up for this shoot. I saw this sequin dress and fell in loooove. When we got to red rocks it started to downpour! Also, our photographer got stuck in some random road work we weren’t expecting and I was seriously stressing that we were gonna have to reschedule (because of weather and because we were running out of daylight). Here we were, all dressed up. My family annoyed, as usual. HA! But it ended up working out. Thank God! All these pictures were taken in like 18 minutes. LOL We were running out of daylight and I was wondering how on earth we could have gotten any pics that quickly. But she did! Amazing. We only took a few pictures with the five of us because… That’s so hard! Getting five people/kids to look at the camera, smiling, eyes open, not crying, etc. That is tough! I am so happy with the one she ended up getting (first pic below). I forgot how hard it is to take pictures with a two month old. She couldn’t hold up her own head yet and obviously had no strength to hold up her own body. So getting her in a position where you could see her cute face (and adorable dress!) was quite difficult. But she was a trooper and never got upset. She also wasn’t quite at the age where we could get her to smile on demand. So her and Ryder are rocking the STONE face. Ha! 

Sorry for the pictures overload! I have the hardest time picking when these adorable kids are involved. Blakely was obviously highlighted. 🙂 She’s a doll. Love her so much!

Oh my gosh, that face!!

I can’t believe I managed to pull this shoot off with a two month old! But I’m so glad to have professional pictures of our bitty baby. I can’t believe how much she has already changed!

Taking pictures is hard work, people!

This handsome man of mine. I sure do love him.


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