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Family Photos @ Home

I was desperate to get a family photoshoot in this holiday season. The fall and winter seemed to go by so quickly – I really hope Thanksgiving and Christmas aren’t so close together next year! Sheesh. We had to reschedule this shoot several times. I even went through four different photographers trying to find a day and time that worked for our busy family – as well as a willing photographer! Ha.

We ended up doing this shoot very close to Christmas, we just couldn’t squeeze it in! I usually have a big theme, idea or look in mind for our one big family photoshoot each year (it’s hard convincing Tim and TJ to do more than that lol) but this year I was so behind. We had a rough year and the last four months or so of 2019 seemed to fly by so quickly. Anywho, I finally figured out a day and time that would work – it was a Sunday morning at 8:00am in our family room. Haha. I’ll take it!

We did a quick shoot at home in front of our Christmas tree. I used to dream of having a giant flocked tree like this. No ornaments. Just simple and clean. I love, love this tree. So I was happy to get some family pictures taken with our giant tree I had dreamed of. And shooting inside during the winter is much easier on everyone (this is why I like to be very prepared and even get our family pictures done in the late summer or fall).

Huge thank you to Brittany for being so flexible with our crazy schedule! Brittany is the photographer who does the “milk and cookies” theme with kids. (See 2018 HERE + 2019 HERE.)

There are a lot of pictures in this post. My bad. lol Also, so happy Lincoln was able to be in our family pictures this year. He starts physical therapy in 2020 for his torn ACL… for real! Prayers we can avoid surgery for our furry little man.

Flocked Christmas Tree – with white lights

My dress // Blake dress // Blake faux fur vest

Ryder sweater // TJ sweater


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