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Family Photos with Katy Lute Photography

I had a mini photo shoot set up with my two babies and Tooth decided to join me last minute. I was so excited because I know how much he hates photo shoots! lol But he was happy to join and is such a good sport! I absolutely cherish the photos we have together. Since this wasn’t planned as a family shoot, we didn’t have TJ the day this was scheduled. (We have him 50-50 with his mom.) 

I have done a mini shoot with Katy before (you can see that shoot here) with just Blakes. The photos were beautiful and so I knew she would capture more beautiful shots of our kids! Katy is so sweet and has two littles of her own, so she totally understands the chaos that comes with trying to get little kiddies to cooperate with photo shoots. 

I was really hoping for a snowy shoot and crave pictures of the kids in the snow! But, no such luck. But we did get lucky with the weather being warm enough that the kids weren’t uncomfortable. They were both troopers! Blakely’s little pigtails just kill me!!! I mean, come on! They are so cute! Katy captured the four of us beautifully and I can’t wait to get these framed. 

Blakely kills me in this shot! 🙂

Photography by Katy Rose Lute

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