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Family Trip to Mexico!

After our trip to Mexico to celebrate our anniversary, Tim and I decided we couldn’t wait to take the kids. Also, Tim was getting surgery on his pec so we knew he would be out of work for a few weeks and thought it was good timing to get away. This trip was somewhat spontaneous and it was SO much fun planning this and surprising the kids with this trip.

Once again, I tricked Tooth into getting pictures taken on the beach (see our trip in in April HERE). Ya know, since it was the kids first time to Mexico (and out of the country) we had to document it. 🙂

I love, love these photos and can’t believe how big my babies are getting! This trip was 11 days – so we really got to settle in and relax. Ryder is so motivated to learn how to swim! And Blake was SUPER excited to get some braids in her hair (a childhood dream of mine haha).

So, so grateful for trips together. I do not take these adventures for granted. I love this little family of mine.



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