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Floral Tee + Can I Get a Refund on my Puppy??

Tooth and I got our adorable pup, Lincoln, together when we were first dating. It was a spontaneous decision, but we saw him and fell in love. He was the sweetest little guy! We decided we wanted him but went to get TJ from school before we took our new puppy home so TJ could be there for the process of getting a puppy with us.

For those of you that don’t know my hubby very well, he can be VERY spontaneous. I love this about him. But it can also be a dangerous thing! (Like the time he spontaneously bought a custom motorcycle. Not cool.) Anywho, I have not been an overly spontaneous person. Me being spontaneous is ordering the turkey club at a restaurant instead of my go-to club salad. I know, I really like to live life on the edge.

We picked up TJ from school and told him we were going to get a puppy! He was so excited! The way all kids are about getting a new and adorable puppy, knowing that their only responsibility is to snuggle the puppy. (aka not feed, bath, walk, pick up poop, etc. AHHHH, to be a kid again.) We bought Lincoln, a kennel, food, a leash. You know the drill. We decided to go to a nearby park and let TJ play while we sat in the grass getting to know our new puppy and soaking in the cool early summer night.

That’s when the panic set in. I started freaking out! Holding this dog who was so tiny, timid and afraid. I told Tim (in a very panicked voice), “but I’ve never wanted a small dog. Who am I? Paris Hilton? COME ON! I’ve wanted a white lab my whole life! What was I thinking?! We need to take him back! Should I call the pet store right now?! Do you think we can get all our money back???? I mean, I don’t even like small dogs!!!!” You guys, the panic was real. And Tooth just sat there, stunned. (This was his first experience with my buyers remorse/anxiety.) Tim was in shock and watched me freak out while his mouth hung half open. He was half laughing and half thinking what the fuck is going on?! Is this chick for real??

It took a while for Tooth to calm me down. He was in serious shock, guys. No clue where this was coming from or why I was freaking out, especially since less than an hour ago I was filled with excitement. He told me I needed to give it a week or two to see if I really wanted to “return” him. He kept reminding me that wasn’t fair to do to “the dog” (he didn’t have a name yet) or to TJ. That would have been soooooo confusing for TJ!! LOL Can you imagine??

I of course calmed down and took a chill pill (aka vodka – my drug of choice). After a couple days I fell in love and didn’t care that he wasn’t a giant white lab. He stole my heart and I wasn’t even mad that I had to wake up in the middle of the night to take him out to potty every few hours in the middle of the night for a couple weeks while I trained him. Which is really saying a LOT for someone who loves sleep as much as I do. Ohhhhhh, the innocence of a well rested chick BK (*before kids).

I fell so in love with him, I could barely leave him. I totally turned into a purse dog and often went on Target runs with Lincoln in his little “dog purse”. We loved it. When I was pregnant I was genuinely worried I wouldn’t bond with Ryder right away and I wouldn’t love him as much as I loved Lincoln. You guys, I was soooooo serious about this! I remember having multiple conversations with my mom about it and her just laughing at me!! I’d tell her, “but Lincoln never gave me stretch marks!” It’s pretty funny now, but I was seriously worried. Puppy love is real, guys.

Tooth still gives me shit about this story and we’ve both turned into small dog lovers. Lincoln is truly part of the family and was like our first son/baby together. You know, besides TJ and Ryder. Ha!

Anywho, about this outfit… My exact top is here. This shop is so cute! I’m loving flirty floral tops for spring. I’m getting spring fever so bad! I’ve talked about these cute shoes before. Love them! Target for the win! My denim and necklace are old, but I will link similar looks below. xo

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