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Front Porch - Egg Chairs

Our summer has been going by so fast - which seems so strange considering we are still social distancing to some extent! The summer always goes too quickly with all the birthday celebrations, 4th of July, etc. We have had family in town and it's so wonderful getting to spend time together.

We spend a lot of time outside! This front outdoor living space is my favorite. I just love these dang egg chairs. Haha. I wanted them sooo bad and last summer, these chairs were my birthday gift! I love sitting here in the evening (it's shaded then) and watching the kids ride their bikes, play with sidewalk chalk and drive their little cars. It's so peaceful. We also have a little firepit in front of the egg chairs (not pictured).

Sometimes Tooth and I will sit out here after the kids have gone to bed and catch up. But I have to admit, we don't do that often enough! It takes so long to make a house a "home", doesn't it? Tooth and I are always day dreaming of little projects and changes we want to make to the house or yard. It's fun to dream about it together. And it's so great to see the projects come to life - slowly but surely.

There are a million more things we want to do this our home, but one project at a time. For now, this little space is a favorite. I have also blogged about our back patio - see that blog HERE.


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