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Halloweeeeeen 2015

My husband and I love Halloween. This has always been a favorite holiday for me. I’m so glad my hubby sees the fun in this holiday as well and we love getting dressed up (multiple times a year!) for parties, etc. This year we were lucky enough to have family in town. We’ve been having a blast! My mother-in-law is here as well as my brother-in-law and his wife with their 9 month old son, Jax.

We got all dressed up and went trick or treating around our neighborhood. My mother-in-law was such a good sport and agreed to dress up like Winnie the Pooh when my husband suggested it. LOL! (We have boxes and boxes of costumes in our basement!) My husband has made a tradition out of dressing up like a clown and scaring the teenagers when they grab the candy every year. So this year he sat outside on the porch with his brother, Ryan and they had (a little too much) fun scaring the kids. Ha ha!

Ryder was not a fan of wearing his panda hood but once we explained that he would get candy if he wore it, he was all in! LOL He didn’t take the hood off until we got him ready for bed. Ha! And Blakely was an angel, as usual. Never complaining about me putting this puffy flamingo costume on her. And never got upset about the hat part of the costume, either! Sweet little girl.

TJ and his friend, Carter, dressed up like characters from the Purge. Creepy. LOL But they had a ball running around getting as much candy as possible together. At the end of the night they came back to the house and hid in the bushes to scare the kids one last time before they left our porch. LOL Poor kids will probably never come back!

Anyone else have kids complaining about the candy not being KING size?! WTF?! I swear my jaw just hung open in shock as I handed over the FREE candy they got from me. UGH. Pre-teens.

 Purge, clown, flamingo, cat and panda. Pretty random bunch!!! LOL

Pooh was a hit! Everyone loved it!

“Trick or Treat”


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