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Happy Birthday to MEEEEE + My Beautiful Mess

Well, I’m officially 31! 🙂 My hubby is so sweet to me and always makes me feel so special on my birthday. My mom was in town last weekend, so we got to celebrate with her as well, which was so fun. Tooth surprised me by taking Monday off work (my birthday) and we spent the day together as a family. Later that night, he surprised me with a sushi date with my bestie and her hubby. It was a great day and I’m so grateful for my hubby making me feel so special! 

(***Note: In no way is our marriage perfect. Any of my close friends would be able to tell you that we have had serious moments of struggle in our marriage. We have so many blessings, but our lives are not perfect. We have issues like anyone else. It’s so important to remember that Instagram is a “highlight reel”. I have a deep love for my family, fashion and photography. A lot of pictures are staged and edited. Whenever I see someone who mentions how “perfect” our lives look on social media or my blog I’m like, “whaaaaaaat??” because that isn’t how it feels to us/me! No one wants to post about their horrible moments of pain. I don’t think people are “fake” by posting “perfect” looking or edited photos. People like to talk about their blessings and I enjoy the art behind getting beautiful photos with my babies. Maybe to give you a better picture of my reality I will start posting pictures of the 20 loads of laundry I have yet to tackle in between my posed pictures with my babies or of my OOTD (outfit of the day). Or how about pictures of the moments when Ryder is throwing a tantrum and laying on the parking lot ground screaming and kicking. Or selfies of me after I’ve spent an hour sobbing after a fight with my husband…? Because those moments are also happening just as often as the wonderful moments posted on Instagram. Comparison is the thief of joy. We all do it. But please, please don’t think everything over here is perfect. No one “has it made”. I just choose to focus on the good, the funny, the love. I am extremely sarcastic and I’m always putting my foot in my mouth! I have more flaws than I can count and I’m willing to make fun of myself alllllways. I hope you “hear” my sarcasm and goofy side through my writing in between the staged photos. Don’t get me wrong… Like I said, I love family, photography and fashion. I love writing and connecting with others through photos, stories, motherhood, etc. But a lot of these moments are posed – especially the fashion posts. I wouldn’t post about outfits I don’t own/real outfits I wear. But I am obviously aware someone is taking my picture! HA! A lot of pictures are taken and I choose the 5-10 best pictures and edit them to highlight the clothes, jewelry, etc that I love. I always think people must see me in real life and think, “huh… she looks so different in real life!” LOL Well, yeah. Because I can’t walk around in life with a “filter” over my face. (That’d be cool though!) ;))

Anyway, random tangent there. Whoops a daisy. Just want to keep it real with you peeps. I’m just a mess over here and doing my best to hide it – like everyone else! Right?! 😀 I really AM in love with my family and think these little babies are the best thing that could have possibly happened!! But I also have moments where I could CRY I’m so tired and drained and spread too thin. My house is a mess, I haven’t washed my hair in 7 days and my floors are so sticky from kids juice (I guess it’s from juice?! I don’t even know!? Why are the floors always sticky?!?!) I cringe with every step I take. So don’t be alarmed when I start posting “real” pictures of blowouts in public, the dirty house or days I’m feeling so down I can’t even get myself out of my pj’s. 

Similar dress HERE + HERE

Nude Tory Burch Flip Flops

Cross Ring HERE

Similar Earrings HERE + HERE

Similar Turquoise Ring HERE

Bar Necklace HERE // Heart Necklace HERE

We took the kids to the park (Ryder LOVESSSSS the park) and Blake spent the morning turning daddy into a puddle of goo with her sweet coo’s and smiles between snuggles.

Right after this, we walked back to the car while Ryder screamed at the top of his lungs on the ground because he didn’t want to leave the park.

Me: White Birkenstocks HERE

Distressed Denim Shorts

Tee // Sunglasses

Bead Bracelets HERE + HERE

Blake: Outfit HERE // Moccs // Bow // Blanket

Ryder: Shirt (adorable) // Shorts // Native Shoes

Oh my gosh, I love him!!!

Right before these pictures were taken, Tooth accidentally scratched Blake’s forehead and she SCREAMED. Ryder was pissed that mommy needed more pictures. So we tried to distract him by asking him to make dinosaur sounds. So here he is making Pterodactyl sound affects. Oh and the balloons? #fail (PS My husband does NOT get enough credit for how patient he is with me. I am the biggest pain in the ass there ever was. OOPS.)

This is after our sushi double date. So grateful for this man. I’m not sure how I got so lucky to get him. He is my whole family and I couldn’t do it without him.

Thank you to everyone who called, text, emailed, commented on Facebook + Instagram. I really appreciate you taking the time to say HI and wish me a happy birthday. Love to you all!!!

Stef’s Turquoise Necklace // Heels – Similar HERE + HERE

Similar Jeans HERE + HERE // Top // Heart Necklace // Bracelet

Blake’s Bow // Black + White Outfit // Moccs


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