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Happy Valentines Day!

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! These two just melt me. Ryder’s starting to want to “play” with Blakes. She’s always looking at him and smiling or laughing. He loves it! Sometimes he’ll just lay by her and smile at her. Adorable!! If she cries he gets all worried and says, “mommy! Bwakewy sad. Give binki!” And it’s just the sweetest. If we’re in the car and I’m trying to get her to fall asleep I will cover her seat with a blanket so she’s in the dark (she falls asleep and stays asleep longer if it’s dark). He hates this and wants to be able to see her. “Mommy, take off! Can’t see Bwakely!” 🙂 

Ryder is also going through a mommy phase. I have looked forward to this for two years! LOL He’s always been a big fan of daddy and would prefer him often. Which I thought was so sweet (they have the best relationship!) but it also kinda broke my heart. Ha! Now when he sees us he will literally run past daddy to give mommy big hugs! “Mommy hold you.” I LOOOOVE IT!!!!! LOL 🙂 

Ryder is still very into tools and balls. He is always carrying around a little collection of random toys. He doesn’t like being dirty and says “clean up!” if he makes a mess or spills something. He screams, “GET WIPE!!!” if he gets food on his hands. He doesn’t like long sleeves and will usually push them all the way up if he’s wearing long sleeves. He hates wearing hoodies, sweaters, jackets. He has accepted that he has to wear them outside in the cold, otherwise he wants it OFF. He recently got interested in dinosaurs and remembers the names of them! He knows a few books from memory and will read them to himself VERBATIM and it’s sooooo cute. And impressive! LOL He loves his brother and is always begging TJ to “carry you”. Ryder loves playing peek-a-boo with TJ and laughs soooo hard. It’s the cutest thing ever. He still loves being sung to at night before bed and begs “one more” at the end of each song (no matter how many I sing). He loves bath time and thinks he’s “swimming” when he lays on his tummy in bath. He is very good at playing by himself and will “fix” our walls, the doors, etc with his tools and he’s LOVING playing with his new tool bench from Christmas. 

Ok, wow. Random rant about Ryder. Ha! I just love him so much. He’s the most fun little boy who is so sweet. Being a mommy is the best thing I’ve ever done and I’ll never find the words to describe how I feel for them. Blakely’s first Valentines day was a success!

“I put my arm around Bwakeay, mommy!” UGHHHH SO CUTE!

Goofy girl! She’s getting closer to sitting up!

In his mind he was smiling “really big” here. Ha! Goof ball.

“ABC’s on there!”

Baby toes make me ohhhh so happy!

That grin. I can’t handle it! 🙂

Hope you all had a great day with your Valentine!


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