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Hello, Fall

It’s officially fall! So excited for cooler weather. I don’t know why I never appreciated fall as a kid (maybe because I associated it with going back to school?) but I LOVE it now. The crisp air and the beautiful Colorado sunsets. Added bonus: boots, scarves, sweaters, hot coffee… to name a few. 🙂 

This shift dress is so comfy and so easy! I love having easy things to throw on for church and other scenarios where I need to be a little bit more dressed up. This requires almost zero thought, which I love. Cute dress? Check. Booties? Check. A few extra pops of jewels and done! There is just one thing missing from this look… a TAN! LOL My legs are ghost white. (“Insert ghost emoji here.” I love emojis. Best invention ever! I can express so many emotions with emojis. Ha! Need to figure out a way to get emojis on my blog 😉 ).  

Shift Dress // Similar necklace from Evereve (formerly Hot Mama) here

Similar bootie here


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