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Bras. I hate spending money on something that is “needed”. It’s like paying to get your tires rotated! Necessary, but not fun. LOL But I do have a few that I LOVE and wanted to share them with you guys. I tend to gravitate towards the realllllllly comfortable (and kinda grandma-ish) bras. LOL My number one goal is comfort, as usual! Since I am no longer part of the Itty-Bitty-Titty-Committee, I have found I need to be a little bit pickier about how my bras fit/feel. Because now they have an actual job! LOL Gotta hold those suckers up!!! 

I usually order bras online from Destination Maternity (currently having a sale!) and if I have sizing issues I just return it in store. I hate shopping with kids. I never feel relaxed, I am rushed and I don’t make the best decisions when I’m in a hurry! So shopping online gives me the time to relax, research and then try them all on in the comfort of my own home. Plus, there are way more options with colors, sizes, etc online and that is always helpful. 

This one is my absolute FAVORITE: Seamless Clip Down Bra. It is so comfortable!!! This is a must have bra in my opinion. It doesn’t give you the pinched back fat and just feels like it’s part of your body. Sometimes I forget it’s on and go to bed at night still wearing it! (Which is saying a lot coming from someone who NEVER sleeps in bras!)

This bra from Dairy Fairy (Lace Hands-Free Bra) is so cute! I bought it in both colors and LOVE that I can pump hands-free in this one. Just makes it so quick and easy to get a pump session in because I can brush my teeth, etc while I’m pumping and I don’t have to waste time putting THIS on. (Although this is an option!) 

This Wireless Full Coverage Bra is also very comfortable and looks a little less grandma-y. LOL Very comfortable! And of course, you need a (Motherhood) Sports Bra! I love this bra and wore it even after I stopped nursing Ryder because I just felt like it kept everything in place and I love how it doesn’t makes me feel all squishy. DANG YOU, back fat! I really like that the straps aren’t super thick (like some sports bras). So if you wear this before or after workouts in non-workout clothes it doesn’t look like you have a HUGE, supportive sports bra on! Even though you do. 

I always like wearing nighttime nursing bras, especially in the newborn days when your boobs are still trying to figure out how much milk to make, therefore leaking all over! A Pea in the Pod Nursing Sleep Bra is my go-to. There are no clips, just pull over. This bra is very comfortable and I like wearing nursing pads at night to keep from leaking everywhere. Very helpful to have a bra on at night to hold nursing pads in place so if your baby sleeps longer than usual (or if your hubby does a nighttime feeding) your boobs can leak but you won’t wake up in a puddle of breast milk!

When I nursed Ryder in public, I always covered up. I loved my Hooter Hider but OMG it made me so HOTTT!! This time around, I am a lot less conservative. Aint nobody got time for that! I just whip it out and try to cover everything with my shirt (and I always wear a tank top under my shirt so that when I pull my shirt up, I’m not flashing everyone my entire torso!). Because I’ve never really covered Blakely while nursing, she HATES when I do try to cover her up. But if I feel the need to cover up a bit more, I just put a blanket over the side of her head. People, JUST LOOK AWAY!!! Or look. Whatever. 😉

Here are a few more things I have loved:

The BEST nursing pads – LilyPadz

Nursing Poncho. These are SO cute! And double as a nursing cover and a carseat cover. Also, this nursing cover wraps around your entire body so your back isn’t exposed, which is always nice!

Hope this helps! Happy Monday!


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