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Kathleen Peachey Photography

I am just slightly behind in posting these! Oops. But OMG I LOOOOVE THEM! I can’t believe this was almost four months ago! (Insert ugly Kim K cry.) Kathleen has serious talent and captured our adorable babies perfectly. These moments will be treasured forever and ever. I know I’ve said it before, but Kathleen works so well with young kids and babies. She is patient, sweet and makes the entire experience very calm and pleasant. I swear every time we have profession pictures taken by her our kids are crying, tired, hungry, unhappy, etc. I’m always so worried that we were unable to capture anything worth framing! It’s SO HARD to get great pictures with young ones. When you’re putting time, money and energy (getting outfits together, dressing the family the day of, etc) into a photo shoot, it’s hard not to feel stressed about getting a good picture.

But Kathleen truly makes it so calm and smooth. She manages to capture the wonderful moments in the most beautiful way! If you are looking for someone to take some family pictures for you, I highly recommend her for the job! I have referred Kathleen to SO many friends and they all love her. I love seeing her beautiful photography framed in all my friends homes.

We asked Kathleen to take some pictures of our family for Blakes six month birthday. She came to our home and shot in Blakely’s bedroom. It was pretty quick and easy and she made Ryder excited about taking pictures!! My adorable boy who I can never capture because he hates the camera SO much! He was more than willing to pose and smile for Kathleen. Even saying, “hey, look! Take my picture!” Ha! Silly boy. I love him so much. And of course she captured my little girl perfectly. Those rolls and those eyes. GUUUHHH I love.

This boy loves his daddy SO much. They have a very special bond and I love watching them together.

I mean, come on! He is so handsome and sooooo old! WHERE IS MY BABY?!

I rarely put her in dresses because I am always worried about her being cold, it’s hard to buckle the carseat and it just annoys me when the fabric is all over the place! But when I do put her in a dress… ALL the heart eyes! She looks so girly and sweet. Tim can hardly stand it! He just melts for her and this ballerina dress. Stop it. THEE cutest. 

I love this picture. Our sweet babies!

I love this goofy boy more than I can express.

My heart!!!!

You guys. Those ballet slippers?! I can’t. She’s so beautiful. I can hardly stand it!

My sweet snuggly girl. I love that she lets me get up in her grill and smoosh my face into hers. The best!


I can’t even handle this picture. Her adorable little toes?! That dress. Her bow. Daddy kissing her. Those cheeks. GUUUHHHH. I’m so overwhelmingly in love with these people. God has blessed me and I thank Him every day!!

You can see more of her work on her website HERE. I mean, you can’t deny the talent! Kathleen, thank you for being so wonderful. We love you and have so many wonderful pictures to treasure forever thanks to you! XO

Blakey: White Dress Similar ballerina dress Blake also wore this for shoot – not pictured here Similar to her ballet slippers Faux Fur Pillow //  Shag Rug

Ryder: Button Up // Jeans

Tim: Sweater // AG Jeans

Me: Sweater dress – similar here and here


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