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Leopard, Sweater, Diamonds, Baby Girl + More!

I am so excited to tell you guys that Denver Street Boutique (one of my favorites!) is now available online. Yahoo!! And just in time for the holidays. So pumped! This fun, cozy sweater is from DSB and I love it. I love how the neckline feels like I’m wearing a cozy scarf, but it’s way less bulky. This amazing clutch is also from DSB and I use it all the time! Such a fun little pop of pattern to add to outfits. 

I’m still loving this vest and wear it with everything! I love the cinched waist. The tightened drawstring look still gives you that curve in your mid section, so you don’t look like a box! It’s an easy layer to add to pretty much anything. And I love vests on days I want a little extra something, but don’t need a huge, puffy coat. Vests with babies are a favorite of mine. I love that I still feel like I have full range of motion in vests. Sometimes big, thick winter coats can’t make me feel so stiff and I can’t move! Which makes things difficult when I’m carrying a car seat, diaper bag, milk, toys, blankets… Oh, and Ryder. Who requires that I carry him everywhere! UGH. That boy. LOL 

My jeans are a must have for everyone! I grab these things all the time. I love my distressed denim and love that they are the “boyfriend” look without being super big and baggy. I’m short (5’3″), so I often feel that the “boyfriend” denim can make me look bulky and bigger than I am. But not these. These are amazing. So stretchy and comfortable! And these black booties have the cutest gold zipper on the side. I love that detail! The heel height is very realistic for moms who are running around. In both these jeans and booties I feel like I can still run, play, bend, sit on the floor, etc with my babies without being uncomfortable. 

This wrap bracelet set is from Benny J Designs and I pretty much love everything they have! You guys have to check out their site. This jewelry is such a great gift idea. Easy stocking stuffers, great price point and I love getting friends and family members things that I don’t have to worry about “fitting” them. Buying clothes for others can be hard when you aren’t exactly sure what size they are! I love, love, love the tassels and can’t wait to show you some more pieces I recently got on future blog posts. (PS: If you’re nursing, these bracelets are great for keeping track of what side you’re on. You can get a simple one like this and just switch the bracelet to the other side so you don’t have to try and remember which side the baby ate from last! When Ryder was an infant I kept a little hair clip on my tank top and switched the sides so I could remember after each feeding. But this option is MUCH cuter!)

Last, but not least, these earrings! These diamond studs were my push present from my hubby after having Blakely this July. I LOVE them! My right hand ring (push present from Ryder) and engagement/wedding rings are from the same jeweler as well. Mark and Nataliya Hadley own Hadley’s House of Diamonds in Cherry Creek and they are amazing!! You can buy the things on display or you can design ANYthing you want! My hubby designed my engagement ring with both Nataliya and Mark and I looooooove it. My earrings were also designed by them. You guys, the options are endless! The price range goes from $100 to … well, as high as you want to go. Ha! I would love to work with you and help you design anything you’re looking for! You can contact me to set up a meeting or call Hadley’s House of Diamonds and tell them What’s Up Buttarcup sent you. They’ll take great care of you and you will not be disappointed!

Finally, Blakely. What a doll. We were both having the hardest time opening our eyes on this sunny day! LOL But that bow! I love. And her moccs. Her cheeks! Everything. She melts me! (Side note: Ryder is somewhere nearby-ish playing in the snow. Ha!) No matter how often you hear people tell you that your love for your kids is insane, you can’t truly understand it until it happens. And it’s amazing. Am I right?! 

My outfit:

Clutch and Sweater from Denver Street Boutique

Simple bracelet to keep track of nursing

Bracelets hereherehere and here

Custom Diamonds from Hadley’s House of Diamonds. Contact me directly at or contact company and say What’s Up Buttarcup sent you!



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