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Lincoln Ross gets Spoiled at Dollar General

I can’t believe it’s Thanksgiving week! This year has flown by and the holidays are quickly approaching! In our family, we always get individual gifts for each other. The kids get to go on individual dates with mom or dad and pick out a gift for each family member. The little ones have a hard time keeping their gifts a secret though! 😉

We always get Lincoln some fun little gifts and treats, too! This year I thought it would be fun for the kids to pick out some toys for our favorite furry friend together. They loved this! We went to Dollar General to pick a few things out for Link.

We stocked up on some treats and new toys, it was so much fun! Dollar General is a great place to shop for your pets (whether they’re new to the family or shopping for ongoing pet needs). We had such a great time picking out things for Lincoln together. He is the best puppy dog EVERRRRR. I was genuinely worried I wouldn’t love my kids as much as I loved him before the birth of Ryder. Haha!

Of course, the kids ended up finding the toy aisle and picking out a few things there, too. 🙂 Safe to say it was a great family trip and we love spoiling our doggy with new toys. I loved seeing what the kids thought Lincoln would like (and of course, I loved the prices, too)!

Here are some of my favorite items! Leash // Squeaky Dog Bone “Bacon” Treats // Dental Chews

She had so much fun picking things out for Lincoln. She has always realllly loved Lincoln. They have the cutest bond!

Toys!! And Ryder’s “shark smile” haha. Not sure where he got this shark smile idea from? But it’s been going on for a least a year now… Bahaha. Silly kid.

Love this doggy so much. He’s not a big fan of the camera flash though. 😉

The love these kids have for their pup is adorable. Lincoln looks kinda freaked here (that dang camera flash gets him spooked every time – ha) but he loves them kids! He is very protective and is always near us.

This black bowl (in pic above) is made of waterproof fabric and perfect for an on-the-go bowl for pets! I can fold this up and put it in my diaper bag or stroller when we take Lincoln out for walks. We also got this cute dog bone dog waste carrier (aka poop bag) from Dollar General. It can easily hook on his leash so we never forget it!

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dollar General. 

All opinions are 100% mine. I received product compensation for this blog.


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