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Little Bijou Bows GIVEAWAY!

Hey guys! Blakely and I are so excited about our newest GIVEAWAY! We have teamed up with Little Bijou Bows to giveaway a $20 gift card! You can take this money and purchase whatever item floats your boat. But good luck buying just a couple. I can’t stop myself from the adorable colors, prints, styles, etc and suddenly I’ll have 15 different bows in my online cart. Ooops! 🙂 But seriously, the cutest bows ever. Since I have found these bows, I have a hard time putting anything else on Blake. A HUGE bonus is that they are one size fits all! I was getting so frustrated when Blakers was a little baby and she could only wear her bows a couple times before they were too small. Feels like such a waste. So I’m loving the fact that she will be able to rock these dainty, adorable bows more than once! LOL 

Head over to my Instagram (whatsup_buttarcup) to see how to enter this giveaway. I will be promoting this on multiple social media sites, but you can only enter through Instagram. Good luuuuck and don’t forget to tag your mommy friends who you think would also like to enter the giveaway. You can check out their shop here!

Oh, and now I have an excuse to post a bunch of random pictures of Blakes, right?! 😀 So here are just a few. HA! Love this little lady bug.  

Ok, that was a LOT of random pics. LOL But can you blame me? Look at those cheeks!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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