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Little Red Riding Hood + The Big Bad Wolf – Halloween 2018 (and… Mario Brothers!)

So my big theme this year for the family costumes was Mario. I even bought a very special Princess Peach dress for Blakely. But then last minute I found this Little Red Riding Hood costume at TJ Maxx and of course, the kids loved these costumes/theme! 🙂 I’m so glad I went ahead and bought the costumes for them because they are sooo cute.

We still took some pics in the Mario themed costumes (I’ll add some pics of those costumes in this blog post, too) but the kids had way more fun with the other theme. Plus, Blakely was soooooo freaked out by Ryder and daddy wearing those huge fake mustaches. Bahahaha.

I’m so glad the kids see the fun and joy in Halloween. I always loved Halloween! My kids are really into dressing up in costumes right now, so it’s tons of fun! Ryder also has an astronaut costume and a new dragon costume. (Both kids were dragons for Halloween last year – you can see those pics here.) And Blake got a Snow White costume and a mermaid costume. Ha! I can’t say no. #oops

I love these fun memories with the kiddies!

Ok, lots of pics! 🙂 All costumes linked at the bottom of blog (including Mario).

And Mario!…

She was so excited when he took his mustache off LOL

Photos by Jenna Sparks Photography Princess Peach dress HERE

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