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loulou LOLLIPOP – Teething Jewelry

Hey guys! I’ve been so excited to let you know about this amazing company. This modern teething jewelry is the cutest! I wish so badly that I would have known about this cute company when Ryder was a baby. Blakely loves her binki teething clip! She plays with it like a toy and of course sucks on it like crazy. I love the fact that it’s so cute! People are always asking where I got her cute binki/teething clips from. And now that the holidays are right around the corner, this is a great gift for anyone who is pregnant, has a little baby, etc. Great little stocking stuffer and they come in the cutest little bags. I swear I have them all over my house! 🙂 Clipped to her carseat, her blanket, her shirt, etc. I love them!!

Blakely is wearing a teething necklace here. Mommy (or Daddy!) can wear these as well.

You can shop their designs here. Let me know what designs you guys get! Would love to hear about your experience. Happy shopping! 


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