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Master Bedroom + Joy over Panic

In our master bedroom, there is a lot of work to be done! But like I mentioned in Ryder’s bedroom blog post (here), I am trying to see the beauty in the current situation and find joy. Even in the chaos. And believe me, it’s chaos!! We are still surrounded by boxes and unpacked junk everywhere. Oh, and two little toddles running around making messes and a dog that barks at every freaking sound on planet Earth. But, here we are. Living our lives. Trying to be present. So instead of waiting until I felt like everything was “done” and ready to be shown (because let’s face it. That’ll happen never), I am gonna say screw it! This is my now. And it’s messy and beautiful all wrapped into one. The only little space you can really see in these photos is my bed, anyway. And I do love my bed.

When we moved I decided to take the guest bedroom nightstands from our old guest bedroom (because we do not currently have a guest bedroom – we will when we finish the basement! In 2051.) and put them in our master. I have always loved these!! I just put it with our dresser thinking I would change things around. But I actually love the mismatched furniture pieces together. So I’m really digging that. I bought this art for above the bed, but other than that, the place is an unfinished mess!

I did buy some curtains and curtain rods but we still haven’t found the time to put those beauties up. Someday… Someday. And I can’t put into words how difficult it is for me to live in an unfinished room. The chaos and anxiety that fills me is overwhelming. Boxes and trash and clean laundry piled on the floor. Broken lamps we still need to throw away (they broke in the move). The to-do list is four miles long and instead of being in a full blown panic, I’m trying to take it all in and relax. (But really you guys know I’m panicking inside, right?!?!)

It’s like we spend five hours unpacking or organizing one space in the house, and then look over to realize the kids have destroyed the next room and now we’re behind on laundry and dishes. It just never ends. And that’s a good thing. It means we’re all here. Living in this space. Together. But even still, it can get overwhelming to feel like you can’t keep your head above water. Which is often how I feel. So instead of letting that make my heart race in panic (or get really down and critique the shit out of myself) I try to breath and remember what my dad always told me: this too shall pass. And it will. The good and the bad. It’ll all pass. So be present! And I’m trying. Really trying. Trying to relax, have fun and see the joy and beauty right in front of me!

Anywho, here is a little cozy space I love. I love crawling into bed at night. And I love that the kids wake up super early and crawl into bed and watch cartoons with me. In our previous home, the kids rarely got in bed with me! So I am loving the morning snuggles with the kids. And even though I hate the morning (seriously, I hate it) I really do love our slow, quiet mornings in my bed together. Gah, my heart.

I have linked everything below! xo

Photos by Jenna Sparks Photography

Blakely’s outfit + bows

Ryder’s hat + tee

My shirt (old, similar here) + leggings

Nightstands // Dresser – similar

Our headboard is from Z gallerie, but it’s old and no longer available. 

I am dying for this one!!!

Our duvet – love this so much I’ve ordered it twice!

Art above headboard

Furry pillows // Furry blanket // Mr + Mrs pillow – similar

Purchased grommet curtains in white // curtain rod

Flowers on nightstands // Dreaming of these lamps!

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