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Mommy Monday – Boy Mama

Hey guys! Today for Mommy Monday my friend Britt is sharing a little bit about her story with two little ones. Britt and I met when our boys were little and it was a match made in heaven! LOL Ever meet those friends where five minutes into the conversation you just know you found another soul-mate friend? 😉 Heather met Britt at the pool and the three of us have been inseparable since. Ryder, Ford and Graham love each other and it’s so fun watching them grow together. So incredibly grateful for this friendship! Love you, Britt.


Mom to 2 amazing little boys Ford and Oaks! I love being a mom. All in one day it’s possible to cry, laugh, swear, cringe, cheer and be grossed out. Where else in life do you get to experience such versatility?! My boys keep my on my toes and there is never a dull moment in life. 

Ford was born via an emergency c-section. This was a rude awakening for me considering my birth plan was all natural. Yes, I hired a doula, had candles, essentials oils and thought I was going to bring this baby into the world in a calm room, sans drugs. Well, Ford had a plan of his own (and he still does lol). During labor his heart rate began to drop and just like that we dropped our birth plan, too. It’s a good thing the doctor switched gears on us because the little guy was sunny side up to boot. At this point, all that mattered was that he was healthy so I officially hitched a ride on the c-section train. Turns out I have babies with GIANT heads (thank you, genetics) so in hindsight my body says thank you for the c-section. 

Oaks was a scheduled c-section. Let me tell you, we walked into the hospital at 5:30am (confession… I had a blowout, and mani/pedi the day before) and by 8am we had a baby!! Easy breezy and like night and day from baby #1. Oh, and did I mention that the CRNA that did my spinal tap also gave Kim Kardashian her epidural?! Knowing Yeezy’s standards, it was a safe bet that I was in good hands!

That being said, recovering from a c-section is hard. You are trying to heal, up all night with a new babe, dealing with persistent night sweats and honestly just getting out of the bed feels like climbing Mount Everest! 

Before you know it, Paternity Leave is over! Where did the time go? The first day my husband left me with two kids I cried. I thought how am I am going to do this? Then I remembered I have an amazing support system consisting of my husband and all of my mommy friends! Mommy friends (like Stef) are crucial to survival because they know exactly what is going on in your life and can relate! It’s as easy as showing up at their house wearing your lulus (even though u did not work out that morning) and they never judge; knowing you probably had just of a chaotic morning as they have. Without even asking, they always have a way of helping and making you laugh! 

I can’t imagine my life without these two sweet little boys and whoever said girls get to have all the fun is so wrong! I love dressing my boys more than anything!! The skinny jeans, slouch beanies, snapback hats, graphic tees and Hightops are some of my favs.  I must confess, sometimes I prefer shopping for my boys over buying that new top for me.  Boys are the best and they sure love their mom! 

Thanks for hearing my story and letting me guest write on your blog Stef 😘  -Britt


Isn’t this photo beautiful!! Oh how I loooooove bitty newborn babies. Heart eyes!!

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