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Mommy Monday – Sacrifice

Hey guys! Hope you started your Monday off with a skip in your step. My Mondays are always better when I get a lot of “chores” done over the weekend. I’ve been seriously slacking lately and felt so overwhelmed with my to-do list yesterday, but we accomplished a lot of it! Church. Check. Birthday party for a friend (with horsie rides and food trucks!). Check. Laundry. Check. Organized kids closets and my own. Check. Wash cars. Check. Family dinner. Check.

The to-do list never ends! But I love the quote “a Sunday well spent brings a week of content.” This is SO true. I love having quality time with my family and getting a lot of chores done to start the week off right. Things just feel better when the house and car are organized. Anyone else feel this way!? (Click HERE to see what I *try* to do every night to stay on top of my chores!)

Today my friend Mel is talking about the sacrifices we make as a mother. It’s so refreshing to hear mothers talk about how hard motherhood is. Sometimes I catch myself thinking ugh I just want a nap or OMG I’m needed every freaking second!!!!! SOS Leave me alone! These thoughts tend to leave me feeling guilty and like I’m the worst mother on the planet. Then I remember I’m just human and SHIT, I’m tired. It’s ok to be tired. Or overwhelmed. Or annoyed. It’s ok to want time to yourself.

We may have a hard time with some of the sacrifices required during this motherhood journey. But I think we can all agree we’d do ANYTHING for our babies!!!!!!!! Even when they’re whining and screaming and pulling your hair and crying at your feet while you take a poop. Can’t I poop in silence anymore?! (Can I get an AMEN?!) Even when all that shenanigans is happening… You love them so much, it hurts. No one can understand the joy and pain this causes more than our fellow mommy friends!


Remember that time that you laid in bed til 11:00am, slowly got up… worked out, did whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted, ran all your errands ALONE… and yet somehow had days that you complained that you were “so tired” or “so busy” and had “so much to do”… whhhaattt??

Looking back, do you ever wonder… how on earth did I ever complain of being tired or busy..and lets be real, what on earth did I do with ALL THAT TIME!! HAH! Flash forward a few years and kiddos… and boom your mind, body, sleep, career, etc are all sacrificed.

Really, what I would give now for just ONE,  yup, one simple hour to go get my hair cut, or walk in a store without a baby crying and a toddler running around like a mad man.

Yes, sacrifice, the ever changing constant of motherhood.

This  is more on my mind as I recently had to make a hard decision and go back to working nights.   Dreaded nightshift, never in a MILLION years did I ever think I work another one.   In fact, I remember telling my friends, I would rather flip burgers at McDonalds then ever work a night shift again.  Well, throw kiddos in the mix and the responsibilities of families and the challenges and expenses of childcare, etc..and here I am 7 years later… starting night shift AGAIN.

We all do it, everyday make those sacrifices, whether you’re a working mom, stay at home mom, it doesn’t matter…our lives have been taken over by tiny wonderful human beings.

So on those days that my baby is crying and I can’t put him down, and at the same time, my highly spirited, strong willed toddler is in full force meltdown mode… and I am losing it, just wishing I could have just 5 minutes without responsibility and all to myself…I have to remember the sweet sacrifice of being a mom.

Because it just takes one flash of a smile or a sweet sound—and I overcome with such love and gratitude for my children, reminding myself that I would sacrifice ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING for them.  It is that deep deep overwhelming protective, endless, powerful, pure, beautiful love..that is motherhood.   The sleepless nights, the grueling hard days, the great days, the struggles, the laughter… it is truly the hardest and most incredible gift in the world.  I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to be a mother.  So body, mind, sleep, and sanity… you just will have to take backseat.



She’s right. It just takes one “flash of a smile” to turn the hard days around. Sometimes when I think I can’t go on, my toddler is clearly trying to kill me or severely punish me for not getting him Cheez-Its and milk the SECOND he asked for them (eye roll), he says or does something so sweet and immediately melts me into a puddle. Or when he’s all fresh and clean out of the bathtub and looks at me with puppy dog eyes in his cute pjs saying, “cuddle mommy??”. That’s it. I’m done. A puddle of goo. Both my kids have me wrapped around their tiny, chubby little fingers. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

If you’re having a rough day (or week or month), hang in there. You’re doing a great job! Just keep loving on those babies, mama! XO

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