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Mountain Adventure with my Kiddies + I’m OLD

A couple weeks ago a friend and I took the kiddies on a little adventure up to the mountains. We had so much fun packing everyone up and spending the day exploring our beautiful state (which I’m guilty of not doing a lot of until recently!) The kids both LOVED the massive amount of leaves and sticks. There was so much to see and the giant yellow trees surrounding us were gorgeous! 

I’m so grateful to live in such a beautiful state and look forward to more exploring as my kids get a little older. Tim and I can’t wait to camp and ski and go on little adventurous dates with the kids. It’s so much fun seeing the joy in your kids eyes! 

Something about having multiple kids makes me feel so old! Every now and then something happens and it’s like I float up above my body and see myself and think shit, when did I become an adult?! Like a real one?? Like the fact that I own a home, have a reliable (mom) car, have a dog that I actually have to take care of and have children. 

Here are a few other things that make me realize I’m a real-ish adult:

1. Having a nice mattress and bedding. 

2. Wearing glasses.

3. Doing renovations on our home. 

4. Saving for retirement. 

5. The fact that loud music at restaurants and bars annoys me. 

6. Going to bed before midnight. 

7. Relying on coffee to get through the day. (SO tireeeed.) 

8. The sagging. So many things are sagging. #mombod 

9. Feeling all the aches and pains in my body while doing normal things. 

10. Doing research about all kinds of things. History, politics, traveling, parenting, religion, etc. I used to love sitting on the couch reading a US Weekly while watching E tv. Now I much prefer watching HGTV and reading Family Time magazine (while wearing my glasses and slippers – in my nice bedding). 

Also, moments like making dinner for a family of five while wearing an apron with a baby on my hip and arguing with a 3-year-old version of myself about why he can’t have candy before dinner. 

Sorry for the overwhelming amount of pics. I can’t decide when it comes to these cuties! 🙂 Also, I wrote about the outfit I’m wearing here in a previous post. You can read that here. I will link the kids outfits below as well. 

I just love her “OOO” face. Gets me every time!

Ryder was really excited about the giant sticks (or swords) he found! Love him.

I seriously can’t handle his sweet little face! GAH. I could chew it off I love him so much!

My goofy little girl. Always chatting away. Pure giberish, and I love it. She cracks me up! And those little bracelets. I die. 🙂

I can’t. I can’t handle it. His blue eyes and sweet little smirk KILL ME.

You can shop my outfit HERE.

Click on images below to shop the kiddies outfits! xo

*A few outfit links aren’t working so here they are:

Blakes top // Ryder’s slouch hat HERE.

Blakes bracelets are from Poppy Lane & Co but also linking another brand I love below that is adorable!

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