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New Favorite Reversible Tote + Gladiator Sandals

Hey guys! I got this new tote I’ve been debating about for a loooong time. I don’t know why I was so hesitant?! I decided YOLO! 😉 I freaking love this tote so much. Of course I’m obsessed with the color, but it’s also huge and I can fit so much stuff in it. It’s reversible (bonus!) and the material is great. I highly recommend this bag! It comes in another color that I will also link below. I’m hoping they make it in more colors for fall/winter. 

This shirt was once a dress (lol) but it seems to have shrunk over time and is def too short for me to wear without anything underneath it now! It’s so comfortable and easy. I’m linking similar shift dresses below that can be worn as dresses or tops. 

It’s taken me a while to get on the gladiator sandal bandwagon. I just couldn’t do it. But OMG, I love these sandals so much! They go with everything and make a very casual outfit feel a bit dressed up. You can wear these with a super casual outfit (like I am here) or dress it up with summer dresses, skirts, etc. Totally worth it!

My best friend got me this amazing necklace for my birthday recently and I can’t get enough of it! This exact necklace isn’t currently available (dang it!!) but I am linking similar ones below that are equally amazing. 

I’ve started to wear longer shorts and no longer feel comfortable in short-shorts! A sign of getting old?! UGH. But aint nobody wants to see more than necessary these days. LOL I gravitate toward looser shorts that are a bit longer. What’s up with young teen (and even college aged) chicks wearing TIIIIIGHT ass short-shorts?! Ew. I swear if Blakely tries to pull that shit on me, I will lock her in her room! Leave something to the imagination, girls!! Geez. If we can see the crease mark between your butt cheek and your thigh… We’ve got problems. Eye roll. Gross. Just don’t. I don’t care if you’re 17 and have no hail damage. Just put some real shorts on and keep your butt cheeks covered! Am I the only one that feels this way about skin tight shorts?! #imold

Speaking of Blake. Her 1st birthday is coming up and… I just can’t. I can’t hardly look at her without wanting to burst into tears! I can not believe how fast this year has gone. We have had so much fun with her and it’s hard to remember life without her! I don’t know why I’ve been so emotional about her growing up. I love watching my kids grow, change and learn. But, why does it happen so fast?!?! Heaven help me. I just need to get a long, hard cry out. It’ll feel better once I do. I hate crying! I don’t know why I can’t let go. I just let it build up and build up. So then when I finally BURST into tears it’s usually not very pretty. HA! 

I’ve been a big ball of emotions lately. This is new for me. I never used to feel much and was a solid rock – not healthy. Anywho, I’m just feeling so many feelings!!!! Ahhhh. One of my best friends is moving to AZ this weekend. I’m heart broken. My brother just had his first baby. My first blood nephew or niece! I am so excited for them and dying to see little Jackson (they live in San Fran, so I won’t meet him for a few more weeks). My babies both have birthdays this month and I’m irritated that I can’t freeze time. I recently started a new workout (that I’m loving!) but old knee injuries are bugging me and I feel my body aching and popping in ways it never used to. I feel 21. Why doesn’t my body act like it did in it’s 21-year-old pre-baby-making days?! 

Sometimes I feel silly and/or embarrassed to feel emotional over things that may be insignificant in the long run (or even the short run). But I’ve realized that feelings are just feelings and people are allowed to feel sad or happy or whatever the F they want. And it’s ok. Just ask Juan Pablo. He knows the drill. “It’s OK!” 😉  

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