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On-The-Go Outfit

Most days I am dressed super casual. Mommin’ aint easy! And I feel so restricted with my kiddies when I’m not dressed for the occasion. So I’m usually in leggings (or very stretchy denim), some sort of flip flop or flats and an easy, simple tee. This outfit here is very plain (no patterns or colors) but I really like mixing patterns and colors. I’m not big into “matching”. As I write this I am wearing purple pants, white and black striped shirt, cream sweater, teal converse and a patterned headband. Ha! I feel most myself when dressed very casual. And most comfy. Duh. 

I have been searching for a new denim jacket for so long! I wanted something distressed and soft. I finally found one I loved at Apricot Lane and wear it allll the time. (This is similar.) As far as basic, plain tees, I love this, this and this. Have both in many colors and wear them over and over again. 

This legging is my favorite and I have several pairs! They are hard to beat and a great price point. These slide sandals are so cute! They are a steal from Target (copy cat from similar looks by Valentino, Kate Spade and Steve Madden). 

My Apple Watch is my JAM. Every mom needs one. I don’t feel like I have to have my phone in my hands at all times because if someone calls or texts, my watch lets me know! It’s way less distracting. I also love mixing up the bands for a pop of different color. My phone case is by Loopy and it’s also a great hands-free trick. I can just loop it onto my finger and also carry the 50 other things I have to carry. (Having toddlers = I am a human backpack carrying anything and everything they may possibly want.)

Anywho, dressing casual is my jam and some basic staples are necessary for everyone! All items linked below. xo

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