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Oversized Cardigan + Truth

This graphic tee was made for me. I’m sure of it. Truth: I didn’t always curse like a sailor. But somewhere in my late twenties I just really fell in love with curse words. I can’t explain it. The words just get me. They understand that I need a bold word to make my point and to dial up the drama. I didn’t mean to start cussing so much. But here I am. Dropping F bombs and “mother f**kers” like it’s my job. I do not understand how people can emphasis what they’re saying without swearing. The sentences are boring and lack power. Can people honestly say that a “gosh darnit” is good enough when they’re reaaaalllllllly pissed off?? Hahaha. I’m kidding. But also serious. Don’t start cussing. It’s a trap.

My cardigan is sold out. Fuck. But loving the sleeves on this one. And OMG this leopard one. Come to mama! This color is amazing – and it’s on sale. Totally digging this long cardigan. And finally, this beauty. Heart eyes! I really love cardigans because they are so easy and comfortable. They also make it so I don’t have to throw on a big giant jacket over my outfit on chillier days. (Unless it’s really cold and/or snowing.) I hate being cold. But I do love leggings. Leggings are the answer to so many prayers. These are the leggings I love. Have way too many pairs. I used to have them separated into “workout” or “dress up” kinda piles. But now they’re just all there. In one big pile. Loving my curves for all that they are. God bless leggings.

**Update: Found sweater here!! Yay!

Photos by Lisa Pummel Photography

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